Semi-productive weekend

To be honest, the weekend wasn’t all that productive — there was a lot of Moose involved. Probably moreso this weekend than in the last week or so, overall.

Sunday I got it into my head that it would actually be a good day to finally start that baby blanket kit I bought for The Hubbs’ new-to-be niece, coming in November.

I’m surprised at how quick the pattern is and can see why it’s so popular in the crochet community. It’s fast and it’s easy. I’m just under halfway complete and could probably finish it in its entirely in a couple days time if I actually sat down and was left to my own devices.

New Peanut Blanket

My problem is that I feel incredibly lonely when I’m not around my laptop. Yes, I could probably go out to the library or Starbucks or something and tote along my current project — then there would at least be some human interaction around me. But I still wouldn’t be “in” a conversational social setting.

All my socialization comes from the people on my laptop that I “see” and talk with everyday. I’ve tried to do stuff while in front of my lappie, but it really is rather awkward… and then I get food crumblies everywhere. What I really need to do is learn how to unplug myself from my laptop and be satisfied with my own (and the cats) company while doing something more productive.

It’s just incredibly lonely.

For those people that still work (and yes, I realize that people consider working overrated, just as I consider not working being overrated), they have some form of social interaction with others. Admittedly, it’s not always welcomed with open arms, more than likely met with frustration and ire, but at least someone knows you exist. No longer working, I feel like I no longer exist in the real world, which is why I have such great difficulty turning off my computer during the day to do something else. Obviously I have no issues turning things off if I desperately need rest (although somedays even that I find difficult) or when The Hubbs has come home from work or my parents decide to pop over for a visit or take me out somewhere. It’s when left to my day to day routine where I become lonesome.

Yes, I have cats. Sometimes they are social or in this current case, Kitty being sucky beyond sucky, but they don’t have an opinion about what’s on my mind or care that I want to talk about something food-related or the brilliant idea I have brewing in my head about a project that I might consider attempting. They’re there. If nothing else, good company when napping and are brilliant as space heaters as the temperature drops, but not much comfort when it comes to having stimulating conversation.

So to those of you that keep regular, every day contact with me through #Ranma! and even just through periodic emails throughout the day: I thank you, more than words can express. Thank you for keeping me sane and feeling less like I’m all alone in the world in a house with two cats.

…Now I should try and go do something productive…

Or not.


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