So last year, for The Hubbs’ vacation, we spent it roaming around town checking out all sorts of affordable restaurants.

I’m rather ashamed to say that today is the first time, since that vacation, we’ve been back to Jimmy’s A&A Mediterranean Deli.

We didn’t take pics of that wonderfully tasty deliciousness that is Jimmy’s, the first time. It was rather ridiculous and the second time even more so because The Hubbs had the brilliant idea in his head to order a LARGE pita because he hadn’t had anything to eat (not really, at least) since last night.

So here’s my small combo pita in all its glory. Note that it’s sitting on a regular-sized dinner plate.

Beef & Chicken combo pita with a little bit of hot sauce, too.

Here’s a pic holding the pita to show its true breadth.

And finally, baklava, cuz The Hubbs had a craving for it. All homemade, on the premises, fresh daily.

Jimmy’s dozen, 13 assorted pieces of baklava… so awesome with hot tea.


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