My god these shoes fit like a glove….

Now, if only I could get teh damn heels to break-in more quickly, I would be in heaven.

Seriously! No one’s EVER told me that Doc Martens are fantastic for people with wide feet!

I am incredibly blown away.

…And slightly embaressed, but exceedingly proud…

My first pair of legit Doc Martens. Ever.

I have like horrifically wide feet (double D, thank you very much) and sky-high arches and these things are fitting like a glove!


I’ve been playing around with the heels by hand for the last hour and some to try and soften up the heels and decided to just put the shoes on and not move so they take shape to my feet — I’m wearing thick woollies (not helping the heels much) and they feel like slippers right now!

I really hope to have these heels properly broken in sometime this week, I would love to actually be able to wear them out and about like a real person does. Having been wearing those orthopaedic white shoes for the last three+ years, these are making me incredibly happy.

3 thoughts on “My god these shoes fit like a glove….

  1. LOL…Docs are truly badass shoes, hella comfortable and durable. The colors on yours are hillarious btw, though I’m more traditional and love em with the yellow stitches on black leather.

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      It’s kind of funny, I realized while talking with the boys last night that I had always wanted a pair of Docs. But when they were fashionable (in high school) there was no way in hell my parents were gonna spend that kind of cash on a new pair of shoes for me.
      And now, I just realized that even though I could’ve afforded to buy them myself a long time ago, it never occurred to me to get myself a pair until I stumbled upon the Hello Kitties yesterday.
      I am totally badass now ;D What would be even MORE badass would be if I got myself a pair of these hotties.

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