Voluntarily doing damage, Weekend II, Day III.

Last week was non-alcoholic wine testing in long cooked foods with just a sit of the stuff straight out of the bottle, plain, before dindin to see what it really tasted like. As far as I recall, I think the results were successfully in my favour.

Friday night The Hubbs & I went to Calyspo’s Taverna for dindin and I bravely (stupiidly?) ordered the Saganaki because of a huge craving for carbs with warm-melty cheese. I believe that with saganaki, they flame their hot cheeses with ouza before dousing the flames with a wedge of lemon juice.

I ate it, I enjoyed it and most importantly, I think I came away from the experience relatively unscathed in the hangover-department. I only say this tentatively because later that evening, on the way home in fact, I was starting to develop pain and so ended up with the Moose & Co. when we got home last night. So when I woke up yesterday bright and early (with no sleep) and incredibly perky, I was extremely pleased. I did end up going down for a nap for about an hour just after 10am and then we went out and about to do errands around 11am and I felt pretty okay.

When we got back from doing those couple of errands, I ended up taking another snooze, only because we were headed out for Oktoberfest last night at a friend’s house. The annual Oktoberfest is always celebrated with lots of homecooked food — a couple selections of cheese– jarlsburg & harvarti, the usual veggies & dip, a whole ginormous roaster tray of homemade, homegrown-potato chips (!). Dinner itself constited of spaetzle, kraut with bacon & onions, red cabbage, lots and lots of bratwurst and a big huge vat of this mushroom-leek soup which is absolutely wonderful the next morning for breakfast. For dessert, there was from Edelweiss, a very large black forest gateau, and a raspberry torte. Neither of which I could partake in at that point because I was still bloaty from my small meal of spaetzle, kraut and sausage.

Of note — every year, Oktoberfest is BYOB at our friends’ place. If you’re not a drinker, no worries, there’s always pop to be had. But that never stops people from happily sharing drinks that they’ve brought for themselves. Last night Miss R had brought a bottle of Riesling to share with whomever was interested, and I said I was game(!) for a tiny little bit, and even that small glass I shared a few sips with a girlfriend. I didn’t actually finish my glass, now that I think about it, because I ended up getting the hiccups while I was eating and had to find a big glass of water to send everything down my esophagus properly. I didn’t think using wine for this purpose would’ve been the greatest idea, only because it would probably get me drunk instanteously. I am feeling rather pleased that the alcohol doesn’t appear to be “hitting” me the way it used to, upon consumption… I wonder if that should mean anything….?

Anyhow, I had a 1/3 of a glass of Riesling, sorta shared a couple sips with a gf, and still (disappointingly) didn’t finish the glass. Durn. I figured I should probably stop while I was ahead since I still had a round of the long-acting Moose to make its appearance later in the evening.

Today, now that I’ve been up for more than 45 minutes, I’m actually feeling not too shabby. I slept mostly like the dead until about 11am, which surprised me, but then seeing as there’s no sun peaking in through the windows, my brain doesn’t seem to want to register that it’s daytime and it’s a decent time to wake up. I did notice a couple of things the last couple nights — I tended to get pain at some point in the evening, post-acohol consumption. I don’t know if they’re even remotely related to my minor consumption of alcohol or not, but I thought I should at least make mention of it. The next morning, while it feels a little harder to get out of bed, my brain and my body don’t seem to be having any great difficulties functioning, which is good!

So.. yea. Could this be a sign that I could occassionally take a few sips of something???? Alcohol is still not huge on my list of things to do, but taking one or two sips of something, can’t be as damaging as it has in the past, can it?

Just something to think about.


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