Come to the Dark Side…

Fam Doc amuses me.

We have a pretty comfortable relationship and as such, we tend to do some pretty strange things on occassion because of it.

Like today, we’re both hurtin’ in our own ways, so he flips off the lights and we sit in the dark with the only lights in the room being the computer monitor that he sits in front of. It’s kinda fun. He left the door open a crack so we wouldn’t be in complete darkness, but I think it helped both our heads until I had to turn on the lights again so I could read my grocery list of things to talk about.

Today’s discussions revolved mostly around my visit to the CPC and my thoughts on the overall experience. After listening to what I had to say, he was sounding a smidge bit concerned when I mentioned to him that they’ve got me on the new anti-d to see if we can rectify this sleep thing. From his point of view, in his practice, he’s pretty open to prescribing stuff if he deems it fit. He seems to find that the CPC is sort of… almost too gung ho about prescribing things as an automatic treatment.

Having said that, since we know what it’s like for me to be experimenting with new medications all the time, he wants me to make sure that if I’m feeling at all uncomfortable with what they want to prescribe to me, to not feel pressured into automatically saying yes and taking stuff just to please them because that’s what they’re recommending for treatment.

The other point was that if I feel that the treatment path they’ve suggested for me just isn’t jiving, to not worry about dropping out. He doesn’t want me to force myself to keep going if I don’t feel there are any beneficial results happening. It would seem that as much as there are advocates for the CPC, there are just as many sceptics who for the most part are keeping mum until the patient finds out for themselves as to whether their methods work.

He is glad that we’re getting another view on things, by people that specialize in this stuff, to see if we can get a better treatment plan, and he does hope that something good comes from it, but like me, he has a little bit of doubt going on.

I guess we’ll see what happens.

After talking about the CPC for quite awhile I mentioned to him that it seems like a lot of my doctors are saying that I’m getting “boring”. Meaning, I’m stable and to just continue going on my merry way as we’ve been doing for the last while. On the one hand, this is a good thing, but at the same time, if things are deemed to be so good, why do I still feeling so crappy all the time? There’s the rub and he totally gets the frustration, confusion and general annoyance I have with being told the same thing over and over again.

So yea. That was basically the whole shebang of the day:
1) Don’t take stuff willy-nilly if I don’t feel comfortable
2) Don’t drag myself to treatment week after week after week if I don’t think it’s working.
3) SALLY still sucks even if she’s not in full-on temper tantrum mode.


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