Some things really do go wonderfully together…

In this case, what I’m referring to is my version of Nigella Lawson’s Boxing Day Bacon & Egg pie.

Every Thanksgiving, Christmas & Easter, my Mom makes a turkey. My family’s not huge into breast meat and I usually (though, not always) end up taking a whole breast home with me to stash in the freezer for supposedly future sandwiches. At least, that’s what I used to do with them. Nowadays, I’m not so much into sammiches because I no longer eat breakfast on a bus on the way to work, so my usual run of things generally include fried rice and the above mentioned pie.

I do of course make changes to the above recipe, and I can’t recall if I’ve even posted it before in the past, but I figured it deserved a re-visit given we’ve just had Thanksgiving a week ago and I was left with a half turkey breast to use up.

The recipe itself calls only for bacon and eggs and I’ve found that the original recipe is just a wee bit too salty for my likings, so I’ve come to add turkey to the mixture. When I don’t have bacon on hand I’ve substituted ham and the results are just as stellar, if not more so, if I do say so myself. The other changes I make include: using a whole onion, adding some extra greenery to the filling with the addition of some frozen peas and a generous handful of dried parsley, and substantially increasing the quantity of eggs to the mix so everything sticks together inside the crust.

Finally, because the only pie plates I own are rather huge, I’ve come to the realization that I have to make a double quantity of the pie dough just to cover everything — it does make for an extremely rich & satisfying pie, so be warned. When I double the quantity of dough, there is always just enough remaining from the cut-offs to make one hand pie which I stuff with whatever appeals at the time. This time around I used a little bit of tomato sauce, pepperoni and a chunk of gruyere.

As to how one eats this rather daunting pie with its thick and savoury shortbread-like crust is up to you. Day I is always hot from the oven and subsequent days are generally eaten cold, straight from the fridge or popped into the microwave for a minute just to take the brain-numbing, fridge-coldness off, making it more like room temperature.

The most important things to note about this pie is its accompaniments, the real reason for this post. You must always have them. Must. Must. Must. The Hubbs’ accompaniment of choice is dill pickles. Going along the pickled vegetable route, I’ve found that most any pickle will taste fantastic — I’ve found that pickled jalapenos are especially tasty, along with yumyums and beets. This time around I’ve been gorging on yumyums while I eat my pie, but ordinarily I would be eating the pickled beets.

The second accompaniment that you must have with your pie is cheese. An old cheddar has been our usual standby, but I was cleaning out the fridge of end bits and served some Swiss cheeses which went quite nicely. One was a harder cheese and the other was a softer one.

Now go. Make yourself a pie!

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