It’s snowing…

snow snow snow snow snow.

Kind of a severe shock to the system given the last 2-3 weeks of relatively gorgeous weather, that we’ve had.


I guess it was bound to happen at some point, right? :S

I’m kind of hoping that the weather will be nice by Sunday for the trick’or’treaters… snow is never fun on Halloween.

Having said that, seeing the snow is making me want to put up our Christmas decorations outside — this year we’re going to decorate the pine tree! We found some HUEG (LIEK XBAWX!) shatterproof balls that we can hang on the tree this year. Seriously, these things are the size of a cantaloupe and will look pretty snazzy on a snow-covered tree. They’re big. And red.

Got a call from the Autobody shop, good news, the man says. Dealership’s finished with doing whatever it is they needed to do for my little car mechanically and it’s going to be heading to the body shop at the end of the day. In about two weeks time, I shall get my little car back, possibly even with my Hello Kitty decal re-applied! If they can, they’ll try to put it back on for me. I thought that was a rather nice offering they made given that I’ve been without my car coming on 2 months now — Ya. Srsly. 2 months.

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