Moo… ish?

I didn’t write this on Thursday night, as I had planned, because I was far too beat.

We have bison.

In fact, we have 1/4 of a bison, in various cuts and formats, now sitting in our small cube deep freeze: t-bone steaks, marrow bones, tenderloin steaks, ground meat (lots!), prime rib roasts, chuck roasts, short ribs, oxtails, X-rib roasts and stewing meat. I’m sure I’m missing a few important cuts, but that gives you a gist of what I’m dealing with over the next year or so. There was mention that perhaps some of the boxes might contain liver and/or heart, but we weren’t lucky enough to receive those bits. Maybe I should ask around to see if whoever got those bits would wanna give it up/trade for something like ground meat packs….?

I’m super thrilled at the variety we received in the 2 boxes that we’d snagged as ours on Thursday night — the wonderful J & R sent out a mass email back in the spring/summer(?) seeing if anyone was interested in purchasing either 1/4 or 1/2 of a bison again, this year. Turns out there were enough couples in on the game to purchase 1.5 bisons worth of meat and upon delivery day, we got to choose any pair of boxes that thrilled us. What I’m really loving is the fact that J & R had the forethought to ask for all the meat to be butchered and packaged into quantities that would suit a couple creating a meal, with some leftovers afterwards, NOT chunks of meat that would happily feed a family of 4+ leftovers.

There’s probably a good chance we might get sick of bison or, perhaps, it might end up being our go-to red meat of choice once this year’s experiment is done. I’m kind of excited, but holy cow (hehehe) it takes up practically our entire deep freeze! It’s not like I have plans on us eating bison every single night for a year, don’t get me wrong. We do have a variety of other meats going on like chicken and pork and a silly frozen turkey which I still have yet to figure out what to do with. I am just seriously excited to be trying out the whole “buying locally sourced and grown” meat this way. I don’t know that The Hubbs particularly cares, but at least he was game to pay for it and is willing to eat it ^_^

$294 later, which includes the butchering, processing, hanging, wrapping & freezing, plus J&R‘s generousity to drive out to pick up the load of frozen beasts, we had ourselves an awe inspiring amount of meat — The Hubbs’ guesstimation is something in the ballpark of 40-50lbs 70lbs of frozen bison bits. All the boxes had a great variety, but no one quite knew what to expect in their haul, it was just a “pick whichever 2 boxes have the same letter” game and everyone had at ‘er. One couple that purchased part of a bison previously, that we met on Thursday night, said that last year’s beast was rather scrawny. This year’s specimen is by far more manly & meaty.

Right now I have in the fridge one of the chuck roasts defrosting so I can make a pot roast on Monday, that way I won’t have to think about cooking when I get back from flu shot day. It’s that time of year and next week signals the beginning of hell.

Wish me luck, and if there are any bison recipe suggestions, fling’em my way.


One thought on “Moo… ish?

  1. I’m sure you can use it to replace beef in most recipes, just would have to add a little extra fat in some form. On that note since you have an abundance of ground bison I’d do burgers. 1) It’s easy, 2) gives you a chance to play with your grill a bit more.
    To add in some fat to the bison you’ve got a wide variety of choices. Probably one of the ones I’d like to try eventually is one I saw on Dotch Cooking Show. They cubed up cheese and mixed it in with the ground beef and cooked it. This way your cheeseburger has cheese inside. Also could try getting slab bacon and cubing it into half cm sized cubes and mixing it in to make bacon burgers.

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