For those of you who have not yet heard…

I’m getting an Oxygen tank sometime in the very near future.

I had an appointment with Hawt Doc this morning and even though my tests show that there is no significant change anywhere to be seen, I’m really not doing so great.

My breathing over the last two months has been a bit of struggle when I’m out and about doing stuff — or even not out and about, just doing stuff like loading & unloading dishwasher, getting in & out of bed to pee at night or because I’ve forgotten (several) something(s). I can’t yawn. Do you know what it’s like to be incapable of yawning because your lungs don’t expand? It’s not fun.

So I’ve apparently come to the end of what I can handle, physically & mentally, in the lack of breathing department. I asked Hawt Doc how sick do I have to be before we can explore the option of having an oxygen tank. Turns out, after he’d discussed things with the resident that had just seen me, he’s pretty much on the same page. In his mind, with all the crap that’s already wrong with me (ILD & PAH) I’ll have to have oxygen eventually. If not right now, then maybe in another 6 months or a year’s time. Nobody knows. But it will be an eventuality that we will be facing.

So to start things off, we did a blood gas just to see how my levels are. I’m currently sitting at 71. In order for the Alberta Government to automatically cover the cost of me getting home oxygen, my levels would have to be somewhere under 55. If on exertion or during sleep, my levels fall low enough, there’s a good chance they might cover it in that instance as well.

In the meantime, because we’re just “test-driving” the use of an oxygen tank to see if it even helps my abilities to breathe, we’re looking at forking out $300/month out of pocket. And it won’t be an immediate notice of improvement, like everything, it will take a few months of playing around.

On the one hand: I got what I wanted & needed and Hawt Doc is totally a-okay with going with this treatment route, but on the other…. how are we going to come up with the $300/month to pay for this? :(

Next Tuesday is home visit from the Oxygen Peeps to come talk to us.

*sad face*

One side thought about the Lung Clinic: They’re still giving me juice boxes when I visit… and today I got 1/2 a chicken sammich! The mind boggles.


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