Wow… just… wow.

Uhm… I can breathe. O_O

I was under the assumption that I was just going to be getting portable oxygen tanks, but when the tech guy Respiratory Therapist Guy came out and we had a long talk about everything he needed to know about, he was sort of at a loss as to what to do. The original plan was to just have portable tanks, but since I have problems when I do things like the dishes and household chores (and not so household chores), he decided that I should also have a home concentrator to use.

I am currently test-driving my concentrator and holy cow, I can’t believe the difference having oxygen makes just walking around the house in circles. We did a little bit of testing before putting me on the portable tank and my chest was hurting, I was gasping for air, I was light-headed and it took me forever to feel like I had gone back down to my baseline breathing. After plugging me up with the portable tank, the difference was just amazing. I wasn’t struggling to breathe and I was slightly winded, but I wasn’t breathless and gasping.

I am just amazed at this… and my mood alone has shot through the roof being able to breathe, too. Yes, this will be a damn pricey addition to household expenses, but I sure hope it helps to keep me happy and breathing more efficiently with relative ease.


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