Self-Management #1 (SM)

Well yesterday was… interesting.

I am still reserving judgement, but I didn’t have nearly the same massive amounts of anger while attending the SM class that I did the rest of the programs thus far.

I think some of it might have to do with the fact that 2 of the women in the class are on the younger side (older than me still, as far as I can guess, late 30’s maybe? I suck at judging age) and are intelligent enough to have relatively productive group conversations, seeing as they are (were) both nurses. Unfortunately they both had to quit work due to their pain issues.

I’ve been able to relate most to what these two women had been saying during the class far more than the remaining 4 older women who are more retirement age, including a lady in her 70’s.

I am still not pleased about the needing to share ideas in a “non-threatening non-forceful way” which is a bit of a lie on their part. Even though they say if you’re not comfortable sharing, you don’t have to, they always inadvertently single you out if you haven’t said anything for awhile, asking, “any ideas you wanna share with the group?”

Oddly enough, as much as I disliked this “facilator” running the Explaining Pain workshop, she works pretty well in a small interactive group setting… I just don’t like being excessively poked and prodded with a stick. But again, I think part of the reason is because she’s also working with two women who are well versed in describing things in great detail verbally, as opposed to the older women who are by the way, just as verbal, just not quite on the same level if that makes sense.

The other thing is the homework. I gotz me some hoemwoerk to dos. I have to start a pain diary. Speaking of, I should do this morning’s entry. Hold on just a sec… okay, that was uneventful.

So yea, homework and mindfulness task for this week… weeeee…

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