Sleep study

Yesterday (Thursday), I went to the Sleep Centre to pick up a sleep monitor.

When I saw Hawt Doc three weeks ago and we got the ball rolling for me getting oxygen, there were a bunch of tests that needed to be done in order to qualify for government assistance: arterial blood gas, PFTs, 6 minute walk test (kina falls under the PFT category) and a sleep test.

Thursday morning, I headed to the hospital to attend the 45 minute teaching demo and pick up the sleep monitor that I would be hooked up to for the night. The monitor was pretty straight forward to set up and use, but I’m kind of worried that it didn’t record the required amount of data. I got probably one of the crummiest sleeps in a long time last night.

Once I had myself fitted with a nasal cannula, a mic to record vibrations (read: snoring) and an O2 sat/bp monitor, everything got plugged into what essenetially looked like an external hard drive. Once all my hoses and cables were in place, on went more medical tape than my skin should ever have to deal with. My cheeks were super unhappy this morning when I removed the tape, as was my chest, my left hand, my neck and the finger with the sat monitor which was kind of like a knuckle bandaid where you could fold over bits and pieces around your finger to secure it over the tip, keeping the monitor in place over your fingernail.

Once I was tucked in for the night, in the spare room, I couldn’t get to sleep so I stayed up reading for probably a good hour before finally feeling tired enough. Sahmy was might unhappy about being locked out of the room for the night, there was a a fair amount of pitiful meowing going on for the first twenty minutes I was alone in bed. Eventually she must have either gone to bed with The Hubbs or else went downstairs to the family toom to sleep on the sofa for the night.

In all honesty, I’m a little concerned that my sleep study was a bit of a bust. They said at the orientation that they needed a minimum of 5 hours of recorded sleep for this to work. I’m pretty sure I got at most 4 hours. I know I slept for a solid three hours and then woke up to pee (as usual) and then couldn’t get back to sleep again.

I have no idea what happens after this. I don’t know if I’m supposed to hear back from them, if Hawt Doc gets results, if I have to redo the study or what. Completely clueless.


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