Candy Cane Spiceworms

The new mittens are coming along slowly, but surely.

I had to redo the cuff twice three times, and I restarted the palm twice, because I didn’t like the way the thrums were turning out.

I basically frogged the whole mitten the first time I had completed 3 rows of the palm, basically taking each and every thrum apart and making them a lot smaller than I had originally started with.

It would seem that there’s still a bit of a learning curve to making thrums. This roving is a lot coarser than the variegated blue fluffies I was using for Dad’s gloves last week. The cranberry colour is a fun fibre to learn with — I’m learning to pull off only small chunks and gently ease even that small amount into something smaller and thinner, still, to make the thrums of a generally even thickness. It’s taking a lot more time than my first round of glove making, but also a lot more satisfying to some degree because these are for me.

…. At least, they’re for me, for now …

In the meantime, here are just a couple of pics of the Candy Cane Spiceworms in their beginning stages:

This yarn is so bulky and there’s so little per ball (50g/60m) that I think I may be screwed. I have 4 balls total on hand and I had bought it back when K1C2 was having their going out of business clearance sale, so there’s no chance of buying more.

This stuff is so beautifully soft and squishy… but damnit, yea I am pretty sure I won’t have enough to complete the set. So what I’ve decided is that I am going to allocate 2 balls per mitten, hoping to get the body completely finished to the fingertips with 2 balls and then use some other massively bulky squishy yarn to finish the thumbs – in fact, if you recall the green yarn I used for the Woolly Blanket of Doom, I still have some of that left. I’m going to make the thumbs green.

It may clash.

It may not.

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