I feel crappy and I NEED A PLAN!

We asked The Hubbs’ brother & Brit-SIL over for Christmas Eve Turkey(OMG!) dinner on Friday(!!).

I have never made such a creature before.

I dug said turkey out from the bottom of the bison-filled deep freeze yesterday just after I got home from lunch.

I’m looking at my week ahead and suddenly realized I have an insane week of things I would ~like~ to do, but not necessarily required to do.

Yanno — the whole wanting Christmas to be awesome & perfect for everyone else-mentality so I should make all sorts of crazy amounts of sweet treats for people and stuff… :P

Tomorrow we are going to see The Hubbs’ sister & Brit-BIL + clan, which means, I should probably (again ~really~ not required) make some sweet treats for them. I was going to do a couple of different things for them, but I’ve since decided that I am going to only make 1 batch of chocolate toffee and be done with it. We bought the kids presents and The Hubbs’ Sister has no expectations from us, as far as I am aware. Toffee is super easy and I can bag up a small bit of it for Brit-BIL’s sister to take back home to England as a small gesture. Again, not required, but I thought it might be kind of cold not wishing her a Merry Christmas while she’s standing right there with us tomorrow :P

On top of which, I am cooking Fam Dindin on Thursday at Mom & Dad’s because Billingsgate Fish Market sent out a $10 e-coupon for 5lbs bag of mussels for Christmas. In the scheme of things, that’s actually an easy meal that I can do with my eyes closed, but I promised to make cookies for Baby Bro for his Christmas prezzie and that I can’t get out of. [Edit: Mom just called and said they might go see if they can buy the mussels and have dinner tonight because it’s a “while quantities last” type of deal. Having dinner tonight, or even not at all this week, would actually be better for my state of being. 1126am]


I desperately need a plan.

I was planning on making turkey gravy Friday morning with the neck and giblets (if there are any to be had), so that would take care of any risk of over-salty meat roasting juices, making for inedible gravy, if I decide to experiment and try brining my turkey. The Hubbs totally loves stove top stuffing, so that takes care of that aspect in ten minutes flat. Mashed potatoes are usually an easy last minute thing that doesn’t require too much faffing about either and is The Hubbs’ job anyhow. Not that I can’t make them myself!

For the veggie component, I was thinking of making – peas with pancetta in cream all’italiana (Nigella recipe) and some maple roasted carrots. I would like, perhaps, garlicky steamed brussel sprouts because it’s what my mom makes and I happen to like sprouts as opposed to say… carrots. But I’m thinking for four people, that may be too much veg and too much greenery.

I had it in my head (heart?) that I wanted to make a Christmas trifle for dessert on Friday, so figured I could probably wing making it on Thursday during the day along with Baby Bro’s cookies o_O;; But I think I may definitely be over-reaching in my capabilities of doing THAT much for Christmas dinner. So I think I shall have to be an adult and say yes to Brit-SIL bringing dessert, instead.

Does this seem like an unreasonable menu proposition?


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