Brain is blank…

I wanna write something, but I don’t know what about.

I’m at the day before my crazy experimental Christmas Turkey and I really should be doing stuff, but I just want to crawl back into bed and sleep. My body is hating me big time this week, feeling so unwell on Monday & Tuesday, and I don’t have a clue as to what’s going on.

There are things I should do: See if I can buy a bag of cat food from the vet down the street as opposed to ours who no longer carries it unless you order it a week ahead of time, bake firecracker fudge & gingersnap cookies (these need to be done, because I can’t do them tomorrow), make a small pot of rice for dinner (to get cold) so I can make fried rice and use up the little smidgen of ham leftover in the fridge, unload the dishwasher, fold some of the mountain of languishing laundry, take a walk on Speedy since I’ve not kept up with that this week with not feeling at all well, and yanno… just… stuff.

This week just feels incredibly difficult for some reason and I just can’t get the motivation to do anything…. especially when Kitty decides it’s of utmost importance to be lying across my arm, purring, while I type.

Urf… so, so, so, incredibly tired.


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