Christmas 2010 Redux

Considering the last 3 years, honestly?

Christmas was rather fantastic o_O;

My parents had a real Christmas with Baby Skywalker this year. Older Bro & The Wife came and were relatively nice and normal human beings. There was apparently some at-home-drama before they showed up but when they were at Mom & Dad’s we had an almost, dare I say, picture-perfect Christmas experience this year.

… Only downside was we think Mom may have gotten food poisoning or something in time for dinner, so that sucked big time. But otherwise, Christmas was pretty fantastic.

Older Bro showed up at noon, just in time for lunch, just as we were just about to sit down for breakky. Bacon-pancakes thank you very much. Apparently we’re slowing down as we get older, Baby Bro is becoming less concerned about opening presents by a specific time ^_^

We had bacon-pancakes, bacon, steamed Chinese buns of both the regular and big bao varieties, plus a huge pot of what I can only describe as being pork soup with chewy dumplings for what my mother’s been nicknaming Chinese Christmas, because we didn’t have them on the proper day, which was: Solstice. After breakky/lunch, we opened stockings, played with our stocking toys (first year for stocking toys in years!) and then we spent another hour or two opening presents before they went home. They stayed for about three and a half hours or so.

Even though Mom got sick just before dinner, Christmas dinner was pretty okay in a rather low-key way this year. Mom made the turkey and Dad & I did everything else. He even did all the veggie prep work this year which totally surprised me. Once all the veggie work was done, I made maple roasted carrots plus (stove top) stuffing & homemade gravy from the ridiculous amount of turkey juices, Dad made some stir fried zucchini with the leftover bacon and Chinese sausages lying around, plus a pot of rice, and The Hubbs took over his usual duty of mashed potatoes. All in all, a very decent dinner, even though Mom couldn’t join us.

So yea… that was Christmas 2010.

Hope you all had a good Christmas with those you love.


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