Amazing NYE Dindin is Amazing

Dinner was absolutely fantastic. I am still amazed. I have pictures, but am currently Moosed up and too lazy to upload them right now, so it will probably be done sometime tomorrow.

The roast bison was perfectly cooked to medium-rare, with the ends being more of a medium-well(?), which was perfect for Mom’s liking. The method I used for roasting the bison I knew would work, but I am incredibly impressed at how perfect the method truly is. The first time I encountered this method of roasting a prime rib of beast, I discovered through a youtube video, which Chef John calls “Method X”. The most important thing to know about “Method X” is that the meat must be at room temperature before throwing it into the oven. It could take up to 6 hours to come to room temperature before roasting and to be honest, I totally believe it… but then I think our fridge might be abnormally cold, even for a fridge. Basically what you do is preheat your oven to a screaming hot 500F to sear the outside of the meat, for a specific amount of time [which is determined by taking the weight of your roast x 5 minutes], then you turn off the oven and leave it alone for 2 hours. DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN DURING THE TWO HOURS. Don’t think about the oven. Don’t even look at the oven. For my bison, the times are slightly different, but the method is essentially the same. For a 3 lb roast, it sears at 480F for 30 minutes then it sits for 30-45 minutes with the heat turned off. I chose 45 minutes because even though I took out the roast to warm up to room temperature for 2 hours prior, assuming it was an adequate amount of time, it was still chilled to the touch. After I pulled the bison out of the oven, I let it rest under foil for a good 20, probably closer 30 minutes, while I made the gravy before carving.

The gravy… OH MY GOD the gravy! Port & stilton gravy is now officially my absolute go-to gravy recipe when it comes to making a prime rib roast of either the beef or bison pursuasion. Even Mom enjoyed it and that’s saying something, considering she doesn’t like blue cheese. I was saying to Dad when we finished dinner that if I could, I would drink it with a straw. We had so much leftover that I probably could have, too. If I had been smart, the quantity of gravy could have probably been halved and we would still have had more than enough to serve.

What remains won’t be a complete waste, I packed up the leftovers so we can have it tomorrow with pork chops, along with the rather ridiculous quantity of veggies we’ve got remaining as well. Mom absolutely loved the maple roasted carrots & parsnips and surprisingly, Dad did too! Though he definitely preferred the ‘nips over the carrots, naturally. The green beans went over quite well, but next time I should remember to add onions. It definitely could have benefitted from them. Somehow I completely forgot about putting any in, which is odd because when I make veggies I almost always add garlic and onions.

The mashed potatoes were also really yummy — I used lots of butter, a generous splosh milk, some chopped green onions, about 1/2 cup of tzatziki that uses ridiculously thick-thick-thick(!) greek yoghurt, and seasoned with some kosher salt and a generous grinding of pepper. As far as mashed potatoes are concerned, they were pretty impressive. I’m not usually a mashed potato person, but I can honestly say that I enjoyed them. I even had seconds. That’s totally unheard of for me.

For dessert, we had a store-bought tiramisu. I am usually pretty unexcited about in-house, store-bought/branded desserts because they tend to be very bad imitations of the real thing. This one was pretty good, albeit slightly frozen still. The instructions on the label said to let thaw overnight in the fridge. Oups. Not a horrible loss though. With a cup of hot coffee, it was still quite nice.

The only minor disappointment of the evening, for me, is that I had a lot of pain around 4pm and I was still in pain by the time we finished dindin at 730pm. So I had to take the Moose. Unfortunately there’s no ringing in the New Year with Hello Kitty Bubbly Wine for me tonight. I had planned on using the leftovers to make Nigella’s Champagne Risotto for Two sometime this weekend. Thinking about it now, I don’t know that it would have necessarily been the wisest of choices — the wine is pink. I have no idea how it would affect the flavour, but I suppose it couldn’t be horrible, could it…?

This is the first time I’ve ever made dinner for Christmas Eve & New Year’s Eve and all in all, I am incredibly proud of my accomplishments this year. Perhaps I can try to do it again next year. If not, at least I have two menus which I know I am capable of making and are fantastic.

Have a Happy & Prosperous New Year ^_^


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