Ridiculous number of pics, just cuz.

I promised photos from New Year’s Eve dindin and here they are, in two versions — one with rice and one with mashed potatoes.

“Official” New Year’s Eve Dinner Menu: Prime rib of bison with port & stilton gravy, maple roasted carrots & parsnips, green beans with pancetta, rice and tzatziki mashed potatoes.

Bison with rice and prime rib bones (yum!)
Bison with mashed potatoes

For Dessert: Tiramisu, Baby British Fruitcakes & Hello Kitty Sparkling Wine.

Baby British Fruitcakes with Hello Kitty Sparkling Wine

Bottle with Hello Kitty Charm
Hello Kitty Sparkling Wine Label

Hello Kitty Charm

Just don’t ask me how much we spent on that that bottle of sparkling wine :P~


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