Things I need

Well… more like want.

Felt pens in fun colours and perhaps some black ones with different thickness tips.

A decent self-contained pencil sharpener for pencil crayons.

Some multi-coloured gel ink pens.

Maybe another journal, one that has blank pages inside.

Yea, that about sums it up.

The Hubbs had a colonoscopy today to see if they could get to the bottom of his diverticulitis episodes. GI Guy found nothing. He’s clean and clear with a good bill of health. GI Guy said there is a possibility that he could have missed the diverticulitis, but there was no swelling, redness or inflammation anywhere, so he’s a bit stumped. If The Hubbs has another one of his episodes, he’s been instructed to get an emergency CT Scan done to see where exactly stuff is going wonky. In the meantime, life proceeds as normal — drink lots of water, keep up the metamucil/fibre intake and do some excercise. There’s a possibility that because his job is sedentary (like most peoples’ nowadays), stuff is getting stuck in his insides for too long, causing them to get irritated. So exercise it is. Good thing we got Speedy for Christmas ;P So for now, all is good. No more tests need to be done for 5 years, by which it’s mainly because of family history with other stuff going on. Now that this bit of worry is out of the way, we can proceed along with 2011 as planned.

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