Something’s not right…

For the last month+ I have been feeling ridiculously exhausted.

I’m talking bone weary – can’t drag myself out of bed even if my life depended on it – tired.

I’m trying to figure out when this started and I can’t put my finger on it. I’m just SO exhausted. My sleeping schedule’s completely mucked up and I’m not able to drag myself out of bed earlier than 1230. If I have to, sometimes I can make it out by 1130 but that’s a rarity nowadays and 1030 is virtually impossible.

I find this worrisome because if I could, I would spend my whole day doing nothing but sleep. The only reason I’ve forced myself out of bed by 100pm is because my alarm goes off for my Viagra at that hour :( Otherwise, even the need for food can’t get me out of bed and I’ve not been doing well on that front, either. Normally I would be having a can of Ensure first thing in the A.M. with my morning meds then breakfast around 1030/1100am, but while The Hubbs was on Christmas holidays, that went entirely out the window so my body had zero nutrition going on from 9pm the previous night until 1pm the following afternoon. This is not at all good for someone that has blood sugar issues.

Ugh… it’s so hard getting my body to cooperate and get back into a regular schedule. It actually hurts. Maybe this is why I have pain in the morning, too -_-;;

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