It would seem that all my woes the last month or so are attributed to one thing: I’m having a flare up.

That is the all encompassing answer to the month of crumminess – the feeling yucky, the upset tum, not being able to eat starches again (even though I keep doing it :P~ ), PAIN, not breathing comfortably, sweating.. etc.. *sigh*

So yea, recommended course of action that I’ve been mostly avoiding? Jacking up my steroids until I feel better… triple doseage.. I am gonna be a super puffy llama.

The interesting thing, to me at least, is that I failed to see all the symptoms in combination pointing to a flare up. I just notice that this is wrong, or that feels off or whatever sucks. It’s always interesting when Family Doc just says, “You missed something: Putting all your symptoms together = flare up.”


Lots of steroids, increasing the A.M. doseage of the long acting Moose and lots of sleep are in my immediate-immediate future… oh and some lunch — turkey sammich and mushroom soup.


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