I am rather thrilled that I’ve discovered knooking, but I am having a heckuva time trying to get things to flow properly.

The stitches that I have on my cord just keep getting tighter and tighter as I go across the row.

How do you get the stitches to stay put so I don’t have to dig really hard into the fabric or need to pick up individual stitches with my fingers as I go along?

I realize that I have a few growing pains to deal with as I’m learning, but for some reason I just can’t get my stitches to cooperate! Am I doing something wrong? I know I finally got into my crochet groove and can now regulate my tension, but man, this knooking thing, I’m just everywhere willy nilly and I’m getting quite frustrated with it…. not to mention that my ass is fucking hurting because I have ~no~ padding on it and sitting in one position for any great length of time hurts like a sonofabitch.

I don’t have plans on ditching this, I am so very much going to keep up with it, but damnit, this is the problem when you’re learning something new… nothing makes sense and it feels like the end of the world!

And jeebus, I can’t seem to find any guidance to help me because so few people do it.

Maybe I am just that incompetent *grrr*

I wish someone could help me.

[Update: Well. I’ll. Be. Damned. Who knew that changing my cord from DMC Memory Thread to a piece of grosgrain ribbon would cure all my woes!? I feel like a complete idiot now. 1058pm ]


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