Rabbie Burns Night Dinner

Last night J&R had the gang over for the annual haggis night dinner.

To start off the evening, I brought over my fondue pot and we did another round of bagna cauda, but this time I made the full recipe because there were more of us. Someone else contributed the all the veggies which we chucked into the pot and there were also a couple of cheese and cracker offerings, which were quite yummy.

For the main dinner attraction, we had the well-anticipated “guest of honour”: the haggis, along with some wonderful roasted potatoes, mashed turnips, and a big ol’ salad. We found out that bagna cauda works quite well as a sauce over top of haggis, well as mashed turnips. There was a lot of bread consumed last night, needless to say. I’m surprised my tum survived the evening intact, given my eating hasn’t been so stellar.

For dessert, we had an excellent spotted dick with custard sauce, some homemade shortbread and coffee… along with people still nibbling here and there on bread, cheese and bagna cauda. Really, this stuff is like crack. You just can’t stop eating it.

Even though there were more of us for dinner on Rabbie Burns night compared to New Year’s Day, a full recipe of bagna cauda was a lot of dip for 9 people. By the end of the night there was still enough leftover for 3 couples to take home a generous 250ml portion each, along with a few floating vegetable remnants. I am pretty amazed at how thick the sardines made the dip, but there wasn’t much in terms of fishiness flavouring going on. The anchovies cover that base quite well. Tonight for dinner, I am going to toss half the dip with some cooked pasta and the rest I will leave warm, as is, in a bowl to dip my first sourdough bread loaf into.

By the end of the evening as everyone was packing up, R discovered that she had forgotten to serve the homemade Scotch Eggs she had made earlier in the day. A homemade Scotch Egg is a pretty nice “one for the road” snack to be gifted with at the end of a night. I for one am quite looking forward to eating it tonight along with the rest of the leftovers we have planned.


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