Big oups.

I set mochi on fire.

I set mochi on fire in my toaster oven, while it was under the broiler.

It turned my mochi into FLAMING FIREBALLS!!

It was actually really funny, after the fact and I wish I had photos of them flaming.

Mental note for future reference: Don’t try broiling mochi in the toaster oven, just take the 20 minutes to dry pan-fry them and it will be perfectly a-okay.

Hehehe.. flaming mochi fireballs.

4 thoughts on “Big oups.

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      It was really funny… I was on the phone with The Hubbs and all he could hear me sayong was, “OMG! Fire! OMG Mochi! OMG Mochi on fire!”

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      I think what I should be doing is actually roasting them in the oven, as opposed to BROILING them under direct heat of 500F, then they wouldn’t instantaneously catch fire like they did yesterday ^_^
      The instructions on the packet could very well have told me to do so, but since I can’t read Japanese, I dunno ^_^ These were imported from Japan and holy cow they are expensive! :(

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