First Ipponbari project finished!

I did it! I finished my first washcloth!

It’s not much to look at, but… Je suis très fière de mon accomplissment!

So yea. It’s a done deal. My first “real” project is complete.

Front of facecloth

Front of facecloth detailed zoom

Back of facecloth

Back of facecloth detailed zoom


2 thoughts on “First Ipponbari project finished!

  1. That seriously looks wonderful!!!
    Do you want some more simply dish/washcloth patterns? I have some…I make them when I want a relatively fast but rewarding project. And it’s awesome to have a drawer full of ’em (if I could stop giving them away). :)

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Thanks Moggsy! :D
      I would LOVE some fun washcloth patterns! I think I am comfortable with that idea for now. I’m rather pleased at how relatively quickly and instant gratification projects they are. I will eventually do something a little more useful/grownup, like garments, but for now, I’m quite enjoying this little bit of knitting experience that I’m getting ^_^
      Although last night, my brain almost exploded with the knowledge that, “OMG! I’m KNITTING!! This means I have a bajillion patterns available to me now!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!”
      Btw, I keep meaning to ask you this: Are you on Ravelry??

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