Bison Balls with Veggie Ragout

Dinner last night.

Super easy — It seems that we might actually plow through all that ground bison meat. I didn’t think I would be able to come up with anything to do with them other than bison burgers, but it looks like one of our regular (for the last three weeks or so, at least) meals is now bison balls.

The recipe is more or less the same everytime I make them, I just vary the seasonings and I generally serve them the same way everytime, too — with rice and a sauce. That’s actually kind of boring, now that I think about it. o_O;

Anyhow, The Hubbs is quite liking the meatballs, so I guess that’s all that really matters: that we like what we’re eating.

Recipe is simple and I’ve posted my first version of it here. The veggies are also seemingly becoming my go-to easy to make recipe. The recipe is basically a lazy version of ratatouille, but it’s also what I’m starting to use as the base for my roasts like the pheasant I made earlier in the week. The veggies here are actually the leftovers from that. I’ve discovered that vegetables in the grocery store are becoming somewhat gargantuan and are really too much for the two of us to eat at any one meal.

Last night’s dinner was quite tasty and for the first time in a couple of weeks, I had wheat. I’m not sure that it was necessarily a smart move on my part, but dinner just demanded a nice loaf of garlic bread to soak up the sauce and veggie juices. I have to mention, I made the bison balls and the veggies the day before and just reheated everything for dinner with a bottle of store-bought spaghetti sauce the day after. This was intentional because I had an inkling feeling on Thursday that Friday would not be a stellar day. I was teh smrt! Try as I might, I don’t think I am very good at writing recipes with measurements. Everything is just “throw into the bowl” for me and I think that most people have a pretty good idea as to how flavourful they like their food anyhow, so this shouldn’t really be much of an issue overall. The thing I find most amusing when I cook, is my garlic habit — more is better! So obviously, use your own discretion.

If I were making this the day of, to eat for dinner, I don’t think it would taste ~quite~ the same, but then I probably would change the recipe, if only minimally. Roasting off the veggies with the bison balls just seems to be a really great method of making things uber tasty and solidifying the meatballs so they won’t fall apart and disintegrate in violently burbling tomato sauce. So yes, in the scheme of things, this recipe is a bit on the fiddly side, but I think I’m okay with that.

Veggie Ragout with Bison balls.

1/2 large eggplant, cut into chunks
1/2 large zucchini, cut into chunks
1 onion, cut into chunks
garlic, lots, minced
olive oil
salt, pepper

1lb ground bison
1 egg
1/4 cup parmesan cheese
rice cracker crumbs (or leftover rice
minced garlic
dried onion flakes
dried oregano
dried parsley
salt & pepper

Bottle of your fave spaghetti sauce
Loaf of garlic bread

Preheat oven to 450F (with the convection fan on, for my little oven).
In a large bowl, combine all the veggies with enough olive oil to coat, add seasonings and toss well.
Pour all the veggies into a pan large enough to accomodate bison balls later.
Roast veggies in oven for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, make bison balls.
In the veggie bowl, no use making more dishes, add all the ingredients and mix well with your hands.
After the veggies have had their 15 minutes, divide the meat mixture into 16 balls and gently place on the veggies.
Turn the temperature down to 350F (325F in my little oven) and roast everything for another 30 minutes.
Remove from oven, let cool to room temperature and refridgerate until needed.
When you’re ready to heat & eat, separate the bison balls from the roasted veggies.
In a large pot, heat some olive oil and the roasted veggies over medium heat.
Add a little water to the roaster to get all the tasty saucy bits that might be remaining.
Add your bottle of spaghetti sauce, swilling out the jar with some water to get the desired sauce consistency.
Let the sauce come to a burble and add your bison balls, stir gently to get them coated with sauce and leave them alone to heat through.
Meanwhile, heat your garlic bread while you’re waiting.
When your bread’s done, your meatballs should be thoroughly warmed through.
Serve in large bowls.
Enjoy the taste of bread for the first time in weeks and hope your tummy doesn’t get all angsty later.


10 thoughts on “Bison Balls with Veggie Ragout

  1. I’ve noticed the same thing with veggies…we’re mostly switched over to organic fruit/veggies and the difference between those and the regular supermarket stuff is night and day. I find the supermarket stuff is huge AND not nearly as tasty as the other stuff. :(

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      You know what I ~really~ wish for in Calgary? A CSA. A real life CSA that gives me real life veggies. :(
      1) Because I am too lazy to shop for my veggies
      2) Because I don’t wanna have to sit there and think about my veggies
      3) Because I really want tasty veggies :(
      I swear this city is a wasteland in regards to food, in some respects. I’ve found 3 CSAs available to Calgary and they’re in the $300 range for 12-16 weeks worth of veggies… and for the most part, ~only~ veggies. The only CSA I found that offers strawberries and cantaloupe(you can grow cantaloupe here!?) is like $325.
      The only other “CSA” in Calgary that I am aware of is but they’re more of a grocery delivery service that happens to have “organic” fruits and veggies from California and Mexico.
      [time passes] Oh hey now.. there might be another option to called Organics Delivered. Iiiiiiiiiiinteresting.
      How is Ottawa for these sorts of things?

      1. We get an organics order delivered every week…it’s a mix of fruit/veggies (mostly veggies) and it arrives in a big ole Rubbermaid tub on Friday afternoons. We can specify preferences but it’s mostly a random mix of whatever happens to be available in a given week; mostly it’s veggies (probably 3/4 veggies to 1/4 fruit), but this week we got a huge container of strawberries, which is a nice treat.
        To be honest, I think it’s about $30/week (Von’s gone to bed and I can’t remember which ‘basket’ we get; it might be the slightly cheaper one), so not cheap…but we factor it into the grocery budget and it’s extra motivation to eat up every single thing that arrives. Our veggie eatin’ has gone waaaay up since we signed up, actually! Partially because the stuff is more expensive but also because it just tastes so damn good.
        There are a few options in Ottawa…we picked the organic/fair trade one (because we wanted more variety and I’m very happy to have imported stuff so long as its organic AND fair trade) but there are two locally grown organic ones, too. It’s only been in the last few years, though, that this stuff has been available here at anywhere near reasonable prices…$30/week is pricey but it used to be something like twice that for less variety. If anything goes wrong with the house, the organics order will be the first thing cut but…I hope that doesn’t happen. People bringing fresh fruit/veggies to my door is a little luxury I loooooove. :)
        Meh, I just took some drugs so I’m now babbling…and slightly hungry. Does The Moose ever make you want strange things? I’m dying for a few raw green onions right now…with some salt and pepper…and I know there are some in the crisper. Dang it. :)
        Did you fight off the Plague that’s going around? I hope so!!! <3

      2. TeaseMeGirl

        Heh, funny, I am actually just in the midst of writing about taking the plunge into Organics Delivered just because of your first comment and me thinking long and hard about what I really want for our groceries. I should be done writing that in a few more minutes ;D
        Thirty bux a week actually doesn’t sound too shabby compared to what I’m looking at with OD. I’ve signed up for their 2 box trial which is $80. Looking at their pricing, they have a “discount/preferred rate” package which is basically pay up front and get your boxes for slightly cheaper. From the looks of it, the “slightly cheaper” definition is still forty bux a box. I wonder how much a pay-as-you-buy costs.. O_O;;;;;
        The Moose does a couple of things to me — makes me not hungry some days, but then ravenously hungry for weird shit other days, which I’m pretty sure I’ve posted about ;)

      3. Of course, the second I posted that last comment, I remembered you’ve posted recipes after Moose cravings…I bookmarked a few of them, actually, including one for…oh, damn…a parsley dip thingy that usually uses bulgur…and now I can’t remember what it’s called. The green stuff. Ummm…I should go to bed. :)
        This is just as close to something like pregnancy cravings as I’ve ever gotten…very strange. Raw green onions. Now my mouth tastes awful. :P (And I don’t know anyone else who might understand what on earth I’m going on about…stupid painkillers. Grumble.)
        Aaaanyways, let me know how the organics delivery goes…it’s really quite awesome to get that delivery every week. It’s fun opening the box and going through to see what they’ve sent…Von leaves it for me to sort through when I get home from work. It’s like mini vegetable/fruit Christmas! :)

      4. TeaseMeGirl

        Would it be Tabbouleh or Chimichurri? Oh wait, bulgar, that would be the tabbouleh. Though honestly, I imagine the chimichurri is probably exceedingly awesome on veggies… roasted veggies at that! Mmmm… chimichurri *heart heart heart*
        Raw green onions, I could honestly do that with some tasty dip.. but then, I don’t mind the after-burn of green onions ;D
        As much as I’m balking at the price of a fruit & veggie box (and I do find the pricetags rather shocking), I am really, really excited by it. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for years, but we haven’t really been in a financially feasible position until now. The Hubbs doesn’t really have an opinion one way or the other, but is pleased that I get excited about SOMETHING every now and then. If it happens to be food, then so be it :D I’m just happy that he’s willing to foot the bill on some of my more extravagant experiments. Ie: 70lbs of bison meat.
        It will definitely be a challenge for us to conscientiously use up all the produce on offer in a box (I’m thinking delivery every second week as opposed to weekly to start with), but it will be a good and healthy challenge that I’m totally willing to take on.

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