Livejournal backup

Okay, so I decided I felt the need to back up my journal entries.

Call it posterity, call it memoirs, call it whatever you so choose.

… Call it 25.52 MB

… Call it 1567 pages in .pdf format

… Call it WOW.

Seven years worth of journal entries, including pictures, links and comments and it’s 1567 pages long if I were to actually print it up as a book. Cuz there actually is that option available if you’re feeling particularly proud of yourself when you backup your own journal.


The mind boggles.

If you’re interested in doing likewise, go over to LJBook.

My current thought of the day: Do I wanna migrate my LJ over to another blogging site? I’m happy here, but for some reason I have a feeling LiveJournal may be dying an ultimately slow death. What that means for sure, I do not know, but I do know that I don’t want to lose my journaling capabilities.


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