Aaaaaaand one last thing…

So, I got a new phone a couple weeks back.

It’s a pretty darn snazzy thing, if I do say so myself: A Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro.

I’m seriously amazed at the photos this sucker takes. The fact that it has a FLASH totally impresses me.

Dark, fuzzy restaurant photos will be no more!

The Kiss Kiss Dragon roll was taken just after they had dimmed the lights in the restaurant. It’s still a camera phone, so the picture quality isn’t absolutely crisp and clean and clear, but the flash makes all the difference in the world! The flash isn’t like a regular camera flash either where it only goes off when you click the shutter — it’s basically just an LED light that stays on for the duration of your camera useage. Well, stays on if you CHOOSE to turn it on, it’s not an automatic setting, which is nice.

Anyhow, the day I got the phone I took a couple of pics, but hadn’t yet figured out how to get them off the phone. It’s rather easy peasy and it’s kind of ridiculous that I only thought to do it now, so I figured I would post them here just for fun.

Not too bad for a camera phone, eh?


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