Miracle Super Needle

Someone on Ravelry was asking me if I could provide more details about the Miracle Super Needles that I bought from Japan and I figured since I posted the information there, someone might also find the information useful here.

I found that with the exception of the two largest hooks, the Miracle Super Needles (henceforth referred to as “MSN”) seem to be kind of “delicate” because they’re made with quite soft plastic. It could just be because I have a tendency to grip things really, really tightly because of SALLY, and my inabilities to hold things easily unless they’re rather large in diameter, but I was kind of worried that I would permanently bend the MSNs out of shape which is why I’m still liking my locker hook — the 2 larger hooks, being a larger diameter, didn’t feel as bendy when I was gripping hard to push through stitches.

MSN vs. Locker Hook vs. Regular Hook with bamboo handle (G/4.00mm)
Notice top hook is already looking slightly bent from minimal useage

I like that the MSN is an entirely flat hook on one side and incrementally scored to give a bit of grippy action to your yarn. I don’t actually know what the purpose of the increments are, but I still find it kinda nifty. The heads of a MSN is also very, very sharp & pointy.

Closeup of sizes MSN Hook vs. Locker Hook

I noticed that I prefer the shape of the locker hook’s throat. It seems to be deeper, whereas the MSN’s seems quite shallow and thus more difficult for me to catch stitches with. This is personal preference and as with all hooks, most people have a particular preference.

Closeup of head/hook shapes (different angles): Regular (top) vs. MSN vs. Locker (bottom)
Notice how shallow the MSN throats are compared to the locker & regular crochet hooks

I love that each MSN comes with 2 laces + 2 clips. The laces are a specific thickness depending on the size of hook, and each hook’s laces have two different shades. Why, I don’t know. As to being able to use the laces as lifelines, this I cannot do because it makes my stitches really tight when I work on them and prefer to stick with grosgrain ribbon when I do my projects. Unfortunately I can’t use ribbon with all the MSNs since the holes at the ends of the hook are rather small for sizes 8 & 10, as opposed to the locker hook that has a slit like the eye of a sewing needle.


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