UHmm.. I am going to have a momentary ranty rant: WHAT THE FUCK!?

Organics Delivered:
A) Did NOT deliver — either Tuesday or Wednesday (see below)
B) Are not answering their phones.
C) Their voice mail boxes are FULL in Calgary AND Toronto (yes, I called both local numbers).
D) Website was down (at least, it was 10 minutes ago, seems to be back online).
E) We shall see if they reply to my email.

The invoice currently states that it was supposed to be delivered on Tuesday and it did not arrive.

Noticing the error in day & date, I expected for it to arrive on Wednesday and it still did not arrive.

I have phoned the Calgary office phone number to speak with a representative and no one is answering the phones and I am unable to leave a message because all the voice mailboxes are full.

I am extremely disappointed.


2 thoughts on “WTF?

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      No. Not at all… i found out through yelp that the company put a stop/halt to all deliveries this week due to “restructuring of the company to improve customer services”. They didn’t even contact customers which is what annoyed me the most.
      Only I would end up with this kind of crummy luck. So now I’m back to square one of finding a box :( at least I got my money back yesterday, that’s what concerned me the most at the time.

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