I feel like ass. I really do.

It would also seem that since this weekend, things have fallen slightly by the wayside.

Everything was perfectly fine and dandy Saturday night, but Sunday was a crapshoot for me and as a result, the kitchen (more correctly, the sink) is a pigstye. So many dishes in the sink and I’m feeling so tired that I haven’t the energy to unload the clean dishes in the dishwasher. It’s so frustrating lately not being able to do the simple and easy things. I spent the whole day horizontally on the sofa with my iPad, The Hubbs playing WoW, the kitties strewn all over the sofa and movies on in the background. From just a lazy day standpoint, it was nice. From a health standpoint, I really am just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

I don’t know what’s going on still, but I’m exhausted, I’m kinda phlegmy-snotty and just so… yea. Not pleased about the way I’m feeling. It would seem I am also fighting an unknown something. I’m feeling so crummy again and sleeping so much, it sucks. It could just be that I am in fact missing blood from yesterday’s labwork and it’s just making me feel even more run down after being so cold yesterday, but even Sunday night I was feeling pretty crummy.

I’m taking so much steroids again and it makes me so sad. I’ve been jacking up the steroids again and it seems like one bitch of a viscious circle. I’m all puffy and I still haven’t even gotten rid of the last round of puffiness from a month ago. It makes me so sad being a puffy llama like this.

Side thought: I haz a kitteh staring at me in a rather pissed off way, with a swishy tail as she lies on my arms while I type. So indecisive as to whether she’s happy or pissed off… silly cat.

Ugh.. so phlegmy/congested >_<

The weather the last couple of days has been insane. Yesterday it was something like -24C (-37C with the windchill) and today it's about the same but with the windchill is only making it -32C.

The cold probably had something to do with my feeling like ass yesterday. I had to go out twice in the freezing cold and the second outing I think just did me in for the rest of the day. I spent the afternoon in bed under all my blankets (3 old, felted, wool blankets) and Kitty to keep me company. Kitty did sit beside me for awhile so I could suck off some of her body heat by keeping my hand on her, but she eventually had had enough of that nonsense and went to sleep in her own bed. Sahmy had decided that it was more prudent to stay snoozing on the back of the sofa in the family room in her usual spot on the Expensive Woolly Blanket of Doom until The Hubbs came home. I was kinda disappointed about that since Sahmy is like a million times the space heater that Kitty is, by far. I was kind of hoping she would come up to bed and keep me company, too.


On a slightly cheerier note: Tonight I am making Reggae Reggae Chicken with coconut rice & peas. We’ll see how that turns out since I’ve never made anything like jerk chicken before and the rice & peas will be a winged recipe. I’m planning on tossing coconut milk, dehydrated onions, some dried thyme and my leftover bag of “almost refried bean”-lentils into the rice cooker and we’ll see how it turns out. Oh and some salt, because apparently it will need it according to all the recipes out there…

Side thought II: I am kinda wondering/worrying if the whole wheat-thing is possibly in my head. I had a sammich last night. I was feeling wretched to begin with and I was starving and I just wanted things to be normal. So I made myself a ham & cheese sammich on my favourite super-seedy bread. Slathered it with mayo, mustard, put in a slice of ham and havarti and then discovered after the first bite it needed something more — so I squeezed out an obscene amount of squeezy-salmon into the mustard-side of my bread and continued on my way. I noticed that after the second or third bite things started feeling kinda meh. But I finished my sammich and left it at that. After my sandwich, things just didn’t feel good. Kinda barfy, but kinda not. Kinda feeling nauseous but kinda not. Kinda feeling bloaty, but kinda not. I dunno what to think anymore :(


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