Reggae Reggae Chicken with Coconut Rice & Peas

Pretty easy dindin to make since the majority of it is just marinating the chicken in the Reggae Reggae sauce then tossing it into the oven to cook until the chicken is done.

The rice I’ve totally winged from a few recipes I read last night from Nigella’s Kitchen book plus epicurious, bigoven and while trying my darnedest to get to sleep. What I’ve gathered from most of the recipes is that it needs some beans, some coconut milk and then some stuff like onions, garlic, salt and thyme, which is exactly what I’ve mixed into my rice cooker.

There are no measurements, as usual, but it smelled pretty good. I’ve made 2 cups of rice using my leftover “almost-refried bean-lentils” that were stashed in the freezer and thawed along with whatever juices drained out, a generous sprinkling of dehydrated onion flakes, some granulated garlic, a carton of coconut milk, a generous pinch of dried thyme and a pinch of kosher salt (since I have no idea how salty things will taste with the already seasoned lentils).

I am really hoping that the rice tastes good, because if it does, it means that the leftovers will be really yummy to eat for the rest of the week ;) The chicken is already smelling really good — for some reason I never imagined jerk chicken marinade to be sweet. Oh damn… now that I’m thinking about it, I wonder if I needed to put a pinch of sugar into the rice as well…? Oh well!

Wish me luck, it’s the first time I’ve ever had jerk-anything and reading the ingredients on the bottle, there are SCOTCH BONNET PEPPERS in it. Eep!


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