So, I’ve been having this thought lately: Why bother getting all excited when there’s news of a possible treatment that might help to regress any of my numerous numbers of auto-immune diseases?

I mean, really: is it worth getting hope up for treatments that will potentially regress any of my diseases when they’re all deemed “progressive”?Generally speaking, progressive disease = bad end results, regardless if you want it to happen or not.

Plus there’s the whole thing of clinical trials and testing and getting approvals for drugs to be used on humans, blah blah blah blah. When all is said and done, I don’t think most treatments will be terribly effective on me anyhow because too much time will have passed and I will be farther along in the “uh oh” scale than I would wanna be.

Whatever… this is just a rambly post. I dunno what I’m trying to get at anyhow.

I shall just sit here with mah kitteh purring on the table and hope that SALLY keeps to herself.


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