So The Hubbs has come to the realisation that chicken is rather bland and his now-preferred treatment of chicken, along with roasting with a herb butter under the skin, would be brining it.

The last few brining experiments I’ve conducted have thus left his tastebuds in a rather unhappy state of being when the meat is not brined. The meat is rather flavourless to him and so he’s rather indifferent to my method of preparation.

I guess this means that I need to have a standard brine recipe under my belt to be whipped up at a moment’s notice. Well, almost moment’s notice, since it would probably take a good 12 hour brining before roasting can occur.

This is a rather interesting discovery, I find, because it means that The Hubbs actually has an opinion as to how I can make his meals more memorable, if that makes sense.

I think we will be done with eating chicken for the next while. We seem to have eaten a lot of it in the last few days and I am kind of sick of it. Personally, I don’t much care for chicken to begin with, so for me, this has been a bit of overkill.

Tonight: Braised/stewed short ribs with leftover coconut rice & peas.


2 thoughts on “Interesting…

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      I will! :D
      The brine I used for the turkey at Christmas was awesome, as was the brine I used for the pheasant a couple weeks back.
      I shall have to do a little more research, I think, in order to come up with something suitably flavoured for my chickens — allspice/cloves/cinnamon/juniper aren’t really “chicken-y” flavours to me, so I shall have to do some work.

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