Dream I have…

In another, healther, lifetime, I would like to open a wee little shoppe.

Like a hole-in-the-wall noodle shop that’s just big enough to hold one of those long stainless steel hot table-cookers so I could make okonomiyaki, noodles and gyoza in front of customers. There would with stools around the perimeter of the counter and maybe a handful of tables along the wall that each seat 2-3 more people. And we’d serve lots of cold beers to go with the food…

I would like for there to be 2 cooks and 1 waitress. Two waitresses might be overkill for the size of establishment I am dreaming of, especially if I am capable of doing some of the running work myself. For the cooks, it would be either myself, along with a second cook or else two cooks dedicated solely to kitchen, then I could be the resident hostess “boss lady” of the shop to greet people as they come in and be the last person to wish them well as they leave happily with warm, full bellies and higher, happier spirits.


Another lifetime, perhaps….


2 thoughts on “Dream I have…

  1. there are three dreams I have that are of the same ilk as yours…
    1) a proper izakaya in a microscopically sized place, something out of Shinjuku’s Piss Alley just north of the station. No bigger than a domestic kitchen, no more than 6 seats, nothing more than a bar countertop, a charcoal grill, and a fraktonne of beer and booze.
    2) a 20 seat french restaurant. 5 four tops, me in the kitchen, one server, and a maitre’d that doubles as cocktail. Only two seatings (6:00 and 9:00), an unyielding prix fixe that is irresistable, with cigars and scotch to finish.
    3) a little kaiten sushi in a space that is currently open directly next to the neighborhood comic book shop. Conveyor belts bordering 15 seats and two dudes banging sushi out asap.
    if ever you open your shop I’ll frequent it often. likewise, I’ll keep a reservation for you always <3

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      My little noodle shop is bordering around 12-14 people — 6 against the wall, in pairs at 3 tables, and 6 more (up to 8) along the cooktop counter.
      I had originally considered putting a 6-person booth at the end of the room, but I’m thinking that it might be just a little TOO much. I want a small, snug and cozy. You know, a neighbourhood mom & pop shop, type of feeling to it.
      I suppose noodle shop is a bit of misnomer given I was mentioning making things like okonomiyaki, gyoza as well as noodles… essentially, whatever you can make on a counter-top grill (with two electric burners at your back) without having a menu that’s willy-nilly & silly.
      I think you get the gyst of what I’m trying to grasp at with my little noodle shop ^_^ I don’t drink booze, but I know that fried foods (and some un-fried foods) just go better with a good cold beer and/or something strong ;)
      I would absolutely adore it if you came and frequented my little shop. You better believe I would come and see you at yours ^_^ You just made my heart go all gooshy at the sweetness of your gesture xoxo

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