Just a few pics

Making chickpea pancakes:

Dinner for tonight:

Japanese shortrib curry with chickpea pancakes

Gift from Ozymand:

Monty The Moose!

Side thought unrelated to anything above: Ordinarily speaking, I have no issues with the way food looks and it’s safe to say I will probably eat almost anything within reason. Tonight, my snack of choice is sardine mac & cheese. I have discovered that sardines packed in spring water, as opposed to olive oil or soya bean oil, looks rather putrid when mixed in mac & cheese. That and it has the worst texture imagineable. It’s all mooshy. Sardines should not be mooshy. Blech.


2 thoughts on “Just a few pics

  1. Gods Shortrib curry sounds so good right now…and the chickpea pancakes look delish…
    /but holy frakkballs Monty’s got an inordinately large whang…

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      The curry was basically me using up all sorts of leftovers from the fridge — one of which was a batch of boneless beef shortribs that neither of The Hubbs nor myself were interested in eating on their own (it was one of those days where I wasn’t feeling well and just threw some stuff in the crockpot in hopes of getting an edible meal in the end) It was a fantastic use of the leftovers because I hadn’t really used anything to season them originally beyond carrots, onions, celery, garlic and some better than bouillon base for the liquids. Soft, meaty, rich, soooo tasty for curry ^_^
      The pancakes were VERY tasty with the curry and a good rice substitute, in my opinion. And more filling/nutritious because it was made with chickpea flour.. though I suppose someone could argue on the nutritional aspect with me since I am no nutritional expert by any means.
      Yes, Monty has a huge wang ^_^

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