I feel so dumb and I’m kind of sad now.

I forgot that when you add a hot, melted honey-peanut butter mixture to a big monster bowl of stuff to make cereal bars, chocolate chips melt into one big amalgamated mass when you stir everything all together.

Now we have chocolate-peanut butter-cereal bars, as opposed to peanut butter cereal bars with chocolate chips.

Close-up of cereal bars

How can I be so dumb??

I suck :(

Cereal Bars

6 cups assorted, mixed cereal dregs
1/4 cup flax seed
1/4 cup roasted sesame seeds
1/2 cup dried cranberries
2 cups chocolate chips
1 cup honey
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 1/2 cup peanut butter

In a large bowl (HUEG LIEK XBAWX! No, seriously, I mean it) mix all the cereals and add-ins together.
Grease a 9×13″ casserole dish or line with parchment paper and set aside.
In a medium saucepan over medium heat, stir together the honey and sugars.
Bring the mixture to a boil and cook until sugar is completely dissolved.
Remove from heat and quickly stir into the peanut butter until melted.
Pour the mixture into the bowl with the cereal mixture and mix well.
Press into the prepared pan. Let stand until set.
Cut into 32 bars and wrap individually as needed.

A couple of notes (from my comments section): I am particularly disturbed at the amount of sugar in this recipe. Like really disturbed. The point of making cereal bars for The Hubbs from scratch was that I wanted him to be able to have something healthier to snack on at work than what the commercially made stuff is. Have you read the ingredients on commercially made bars? They’re not even made of healhy stuff! The cereal dregs that I use are basically a whole bunch of boxes of things I poured into one really large glass jar — granola dregs with flax and almonds that are no longer in clusters, high fibre cereal that is kind of boring on its own, NOT honey nut cheerios, sugar crisp, lucky charms and frosted flakes type cereals etc etc etc…

The problem is that I haven’t found any recipes asking for anything less than 1 cup of sugar + 1 cup of corn syrup. I use the honey as preference instead of the corn syrup, even though I am aware that sugar is sugar is sugar. Admittedly, I could attempt the recipe using only the honey and omitting the sugars entirely, but I have a feeling that the sugars do something with the bars’ ability to solidify more solidly. I don’t recall what recipe I used the last time I made cereal bars, but they did not solidify. They kind of came together and went “bloop!” fall-apart-y when you cut them. They were still tasty, but disappointing from a bar standpoint.

Now that I realize the effects of hot syrup on chocolate chips, I may even cut down the chocolate chips by half just because of the sugar content. I suppose I could also change it to cocoa instead of chips altogether if I was really wanting to fix this recipe. The chocolate chips probably also help the bars stay in a mostly amalgamated mass, so perhaps I could cut down that 1 cup of sugar….


6 thoughts on “Oups…

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      No, not at all what I was intending… *sad llama is sad*
      I mean, The Hubbs probably won’t be at all bothered by it, but it bugs me to no end for some reason o_O;;;

      1. I’m trying to decide if these would be useful to me. I’ve been eating commercial breakfast bars with my cereal to increase calories and protein while not overly increasing carbs. It would be nice to have a homemade option, but my suspicion is that the PB and sesame seeds wouldn’t offset the cereal, fruit and, well sugar.
        Your accident reminds me of when my mother and I would bring trail mix with chocolate chips places as a snack. Often it would melt in the car, and we’d end up bringing it home, putting the baggie into the refridgerator, and breaking off pieces candybar style.

      2. TeaseMeGirl

        To be honest, I’m rather disturbed at the amount of sugar in this recipe. Like REALLY disturbed.
        I can’t seem to find a recipe that asks for anything less than 1 cup of sugar + 1 cup of corn syrup. I used honey, by preference, thinking it would be “healthier” even though I realize that sugar is sugar is sugar.
        I have no idea how the carbs-thing works in food (though perhaps one day I should probably consider studying up on it), but the stuff I add into my bars is just what I happen to have in the house that I’m trying to rid myself of. If I had oatmeal, I would have used that… though in today’s bars, there’s a good amount of granola dregs mixed in with something resembling “healthy” heart-shaped cheerios.
        I’m trying to make them more healthy, but somehow I have this sneaking suspicion that no matter what kind of permutations and combinations I come up with, it basically boils down to a candy bar with perhaps slightly healthier ingredients, only because it wasn’t commercially made.

      3. Looking over your recipe, I don’t think these would work with much less sugar/honey because it looks like it provides structural integrety as well as flavor. The bars seem to be a fudge varient, similar to boiled cookies (do you know these? Boil milk, sugar, cocoa powder and butter, add PB and oatmeal and drop into cookie form.)
        I have somewhere a recipe for caramels which calls for a ton of sugar, some corn syrup and then sweetened condensed milk. In the recipe text it clearly specifies to used sweetened condensed milk and not evaporated milk “which does not have the needed sugar.” I cracked up every time I read this for years. I know you need sugar for candy, but sometimes enough is enough! And many fruit deserts have a lot more sugar than they need. Apples are already sweet, for instance.
        The thing about carbs as a type 1 diabetic is I have to know how many I am eating. This means either reading the backs of boxes or making stuff myself. So normally the amount doesn’t matter so long as it’s a known amount, but for breakfast I’ve been advised to have a higher protein/carb ratio than the bowl of cereal and milk that I want. Refusing to wake up early enough to cook an egg, and not eating pork products, we compromised on a small bowl of cereal and then a high-protein bar. The whole thing is made more complicated because I’m one of the few diabetics on the planet trying to gain weight. . .

      4. TeaseMeGirl

        OH. Last time I made these I used something like 2 cups of trail mix instead of the cranberries, sesame seeds and chocolate chips, so there were sunflower seeds, peanuts, raisins, and a couple of other things I can’t quite remember. And no chocolate chips! Next time, I am seriously cutting down on the chocolate chips. I would omit them entirely, like I did the first time, but The Hubbs likes chocolate.

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