I think spring might be coming!

All the snow on the deck has completely melted off so I went out for 2 minutes to right all the deck chairs that were toppled over from the strong winds we’d had this winter and guess what I saw!?


The asparagus is coming up!

That means spring is on its way!

….At least, close to the house, it’s on its way :P~

But still! It’s a veritable sign of spring, right??? :DDD

Edit: *sigh* I was mistaken. There’s no asparagus coming up from the ground yet, after all… What I thought was asparagus (and technically it IS asparagus), is actually all the dead plant material leftover in the garden from last season. 300pm


2 thoughts on “OMG!

  1. TeaseMeGirl

    Our temperatures dropped again last night and we had another sprinkling of snow… *sigh* Tomorrow is gonna be cold in the morning and then “warm” up to something like -5C or so during the day :P~

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