Attempt #2…


So… I figured I would try making pupusas instead of arepas, just for something different — plus it sounded like a decent snack.

It still required me to get a feel for the masa, and I don’t know that I’ve done any better with this round of dough, but using oil on your hands to help prevent the pupusas (or arepas) from sticking is probably not a bad way to go.

I fried these in a dry pan this time since the pupusas had oil on the outsides already. I don’t think I did ~too~ badly. I mean, it is my first (okay, second) time working with this stuff, so it will require practice, practice, practice.

Frying pupusas

Filling I used was just what I had going on in the fridge: thinly chopped ham, black bean dip and shredded mozzarella cheese. I’m pretty sure that most of this is completely inauthentic and will only raise eyebrows with those lovely people who eat this as their comfort food.

How’s it taste? Mmmm… well for one, freaking hot! OMG HOT OFF THE PAN!! Feels kinda chewy to me. Dunno if that’s normal. Outside’s crisp, but inside’s kinda chewy with a noticeable corn flavour to it aside from my fillings. Is it supposed to be this way?

Pupusas with chopped ham, black bean dip and shredded mozzarella cheese

4 thoughts on “Attempt #2…

  1. I know you did another post with, I think, recipes on it…but I have a dumb (I’m very tired) question:

    How do you get the fillings inside? Do they go inside before you cook those delicious looking things?

    Me = dopey. :)

  2. TeaseMeGirl

    You basically make a ball of dough, or a flat pancake with your hands if you’re really skilled, put the fillings inside and then wrap the dough around it. Once you’ve covered the filling, you slap the pupusas back and forth in your hands until you get a flat-ish pancake and if you’re REALLY good, you can slap these babies back and forth without having your dough crack and your fillings seep out. I did the slapping back and forth with patch-work along the way when cracks and filling started showing, but in the end just didn’t care cuz really: it’s my first time and there is no such thing as perfection on a first go-around! Once you’ve made one, you drop it onto a hot flat griddle and fry them until they’re done. I’m still working on the getting the proper texture.

    The arepas I made for breakky morning were much MUCH too hard because I cooked them for longer in the oven, but that’s because I was paranoid about eating raw dough — the flour is technically already partially cooked so it’s not really an issue. If I had eaten them once I had taken the picture, they would have probably been perfect.

  3. TeaseMeGirl

    Interesting! I wonder if that would be a replacement for the immuno=suppressant Imuran that I’m on. Right now we’re sorta waiting to see what all the tests on my lungs are going to show in the next few months before deciding what the next course of action will be — if there IS a next course of action, that is.

    There was some discussion of changing my Viagra to another drug because it’s not seemingly doing much for the PAH. But if the scarring is returning because of SALLY, we might be changing the imuran to something entirely different.

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