OMG.. what am I DOING!?

I am having one of those days.. where all I wanna do is spend monays. I won my ebay auctions for the D&D Books @ £3.99each and I’m rather pleased about that.

….But then I started looking at other things that I’ve always had a crush on….

I find having a container obsession means that I get obsessive about pretty, useable things… like bento boxes.

Or… my closet obsession of vintage pyrex dishes. Ya. Srsly.

I am currently in the midst of panicking because I just put in another bid for a 10 piece primary colour refridgerator set with lids. The seller has a “make best offer” button and my first offer was refused, so I put in a second one and now it’s being considered. The set looks similar to this one, only there is an extra blue dish:

I sooooo want that set…. there are other sets, like one that’s just all pink, or white with pink gooseberries, but the primary coloured set has its appeal by cheerfulness, alone. And the colours in that photo don’t quite do the set justice. We’re talking bright crayon primary colours, here, not the faded ones of that pic above.

The biggest thing that’s making me panic is the fact that the shipping is gonna be killer. We’re talking about glass here, and glass is HEAVY. No matter that the Canadian dollar is slightly above the US at the moment, shipping is still gonna be at least $35ish. *gulp*

…Help me Obi-wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope…

[Update: Seller sent me a counter offer and I declined it. I wasn’t willing to spend $55 + $36 in shipping for the set. 314pm]


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