Fam Doc…

We are working on a new plan — Fam Doc’s going to do some research over the next month to see what new Moose (which will obviously be given a new name) we could use for my pain instead of constantly increasing what I’ve currently got going on. It bugs me that I’ve been taking so much and he totally acknowledges and understands where I’m coming from because it’s getting to be that I’m developing a tolerance to the Moose, so we’re gonna see if we can get something to use instead of/in adjunct with the Moose + long acting meds.

I am one big pharmacy!

As an aside, I’m no longer allowed to take Neocitran :(

Even though it didn’t say on the box that there’s pseudo-ephedrine, it does contain its cousin as one of the ingredients. So no more “enjoying” that whilst I’m thinking that I might be coming down with something. I meant to ask him last month if it was ok to take because it gave me awesome sleep and generally made me feel better. Unfortunately, it’s a no-no. He felt badly for saying no to me on that issue, but did say that if I wanted, and this is what he’s thinking is helping with sleep when I take the Neocitran, I could take Benelyn or Gravol because they both have anti-histamines which would make me sreepy.

And another sleep note — I have a new anti-anxiety med. The “blue pills” have just been making me feel foul the next morning for last few months when I’ve had to take them, so he suggested a new drug which has a shorter half-life than the blue pills and will hopefully make me feel less… “punky” in the morning. We’ll see how that goes.

Other than that… yea, that’s about it.

Chest pain is prolly from SALLY, he’s gonna get a copy of my echo from last week and while he’s on vacation in Maui(!!) he’s going to do some research into an alternative pain reliever for me. He sent himself an email about the meds and is going to do research while he’s in Maui?! I told him he wasn’t allowed to do that and he was supposed to enjoy his time with his kids on spring break, but he kinda grinned and said, “The kids have a set bedtime…!

Well, alrighty then ;)

So, it’s naptime for me (after I finish my bowl of leftover soggy noodles) and then D&D tonight with haggis!


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