Okay, so I’m feeling not so hot today — but that seems to be the case most days, especially on the weekend. So really, this is nothing new. Pain is bugging me beyond belief and I don’t know what to do about it other than just take The Moose, hole myself up in bed with the cats and my iPad until they kick in, and then decide whether I am capable of doing anything remotely productive for the rest of the day.

Around 11am, The Hubbs convinced me to get up and get some breakfast. That was a few hours ago. It took me that long just to decide what to eat and then to make it. So I made a small pot of joak again this morning, it seems to be a weekend thing for me nowadays when I’m feeling so wretched and I can’t think. Yanno, thinking about it, I should just make it a Friday night habit to just make a crockpot of joak so it’s ready for whenever I get up because it would certainly make things a lot easier and faster to get food into me as opposed to taking hours humming and hawing about everything.

Anyhow, I made a small potful and I’m finding it’s really kinda tough to get the proportion of rice to water correct when making such small quantities. I always end up having to stand at the stove for at least a half hour watching so my pot doesn’t overflow and then add more water because the water’s evaporating faster than the rice can cook to my desired consistency.

So today, I dunno what posessed me to do so, but along with my usual 2 dried scallops, a couple of leftover roast chicken wings from the freezer and a smidge of salt (I remembered the salt!!), I added two heaping tablespoon-fuls of ground flax seed o_O; I’ve been rather uncomfortable again as of late and figured that the flax seed might help. I was just unsure as to what it would do to the taste and consistency of my joak.

I have to say, the flax isn’t a bad addition. It smelled kinda meh while cooking, it had this slightly weird wheaty-smell to it and produced a gooey film on the surface, but that could have also been from the starch coming off the rice since I’m using short-grained rice nowadays instead of long-grained rice. The flax flavour is almost non-existant from what I can tell, which I am glad for. Trying a bowl of joak with just a little bit of green onions and a smidgen of fish sauce (instead of my usual “let’s add everything!” concoctions), the flax has made the texture lighter and kind of slimey yet watery. The watery-slimy consistency is a bit odd because normally I make my joak nice and thick, kind of like a french Canadian pea soup, if that makes sense and the flax seems to make the joak get cold a lot faster while eating.

If you were just eating this like normal,and not scrutinizing the bowl for taste and texture, you probably wouldn’t notice the flax seed at all. To be honest, the only way you can tell there was flax in it, is by appearance — my rice porridge is no longer a pristine rice-white. It’s now speckled with little brown bits. Looking at it, it kind of reminds me of… a dirty, fuzzy, white sheep. That is probably the strangest mental picture anyone could conjure up to associate with a bowl of rice porridge, but it seems to be rather comforting in its own right to me.

…So yea, I think I may use the flax in my joak from now on…

As a completely unrelated side note: I have been slightly productive today while I was waiting for my joak to finish cooking. I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and then I made The Hubbs another batch of cereal bars.

These bars seem like they’re going to be quite a bit different than the last one because of the cereals I used. Obviously the cereal bars are never going to be exactly the same everytime I make them, but this time around I used: the remaining dregs I had in my big glass jar with granola and “healthy” cereals, Kellogg’s cornflakes, Honey Bunches of Oats, Nature’s Path Flax Plus Red Berry Crunch, and chocolate Weetabix minis. It’s the weetabix that is going to be the interesting factor for these bars. They’re just going to be these big chunks of something that don’t break up.

For the add-ins I used: 1/4 cup ground flax, 1 cup of chocolate chips and 2 cups of trail mix I bought last week for the sole purpose of making cereal bars that had cashews, raisins, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, and almonds. The binding ingredients are haven’t changed since last time, but using only 1 cup of chocolate chips this time makes it so that the bars aren’t as overwhelmingly candy-like as last time, thank goodness. Hopefully The Hubbs still likes them and to be honest, I kind of wish I could eat them myself.


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