Food pics from my phone…

I quite like my new cell phone, the camera takes really decent photos!

Here are some pictures, in no particular order, that I took over the last week whilst out and about doing stuff:

Kimchi Korean Delight — mall food court place that serves decent fast food Korean food

I rarely go to the mall and eating there is something I almost never do, so this was a nice surprise for me. I was kind of torn between ordering the japchae or the bibimbap. In the end I ordered japchae and I really enjoyed it, portions were a little much for me though. As a side thought, I have never seen a fast food place use shiitaki mushrooms! White button mushrooms, sure, but shiitaki?? Wow. Their menu is pretty diverse and I was really impressed by the ingredients. The sister company to Kimchi Korean Delight is Thai Express and their menu is pretty impressive too. They do a lot of curries with rice, some noodle dishes, the requisite pad thai and pho! Who knew that fast food could take thai, vietnamese, korean and japanese and make them so mainstream? Decent mainstream, too!

Riverstone Pub — The best beef dip I have yet to find in Calgary (with the requested addition of cheese) and a side of poutine.

I really like the atmosphere of Riverstone, but for some reason, I have a really hard time finding food in pubs that I want/like to eat. It’s a struggle everytime we end up here or at The Drake in Canmore when we do our weekends away. I love sitting around with friends, and I like eating, but pub food is so difficult for me to get enjoyment out of. So this was my lunch from last weekend when The Hubbs & I were used-bookstore spelunking. Another thing, beef dip sammiches? Impossible to find a really decent, if not excellent version. The Riverstone does a pretty darn good job. I asked to have it with cheese and a side of poutine. That was probably one of the best meals I’d ever had at Riverstone.

Myhres Deli — The Hubbs’ fave Montreal Smoked Meat Sammich place.

A note on my takeout box from Myhres Deli: This is what remained of my lunch that they packed up for me. When I opened the box, I found that my 1/2 smoked meat sandwich was nicely wrapped in deli foil and black paper, there was a fresh cup of coleslaw, The Hubbs’ leftover cup of ripple chips, our two combined pickles packed in a waxed paper bag so they wouldn’t get everything around it soggy and wet and pickly-juiced, a fork & napkin on the bottom and a DubbleBubble bubble gum! So cute!

I ~love~ the coleslaw that these guys make. Generally speaking, I am not a huge fan of coleslaw, but whatever this guy makes, is awesome. There’s no mayo in it, it’s just vinegar and a whole whack of spices. The coleslaw is fresh, peppery and has just the right amount of crunch. I keep trying to get the recipe off the guy that makes the coleslaw every day, but so far no luck. He’s basically told me that he just takes stuff and throws it in. It is fantastic.

I am thoroughly impressed with the pack job they did on my leftovers. I haven’t gotten anything even remotely close to this awesome from any other restaurant either with leftovers or with ordering takeout. They get super high marks for awesomeness, not that they weren’t already pretty awesome to begin with. The bubblegum just takes the cake ;)


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