Herro macarons!

Had a great afternoon with three girls that I used to work at the spa with.

We made a date to get together for a macaron-date with lunch and coffee and it was a rather nice time. I drove down to Kensington and dropped off my car at P‘s house and then we drove out to pick up D at her place which is just a hop, skip & a jump from the Kingsland Farmer’s Market.

I hadn’t realized how long it had been since I’d seen anybody. Time flies by pretty quickly even when you’re not having fun it seems. The surprise of the day for me was that P mentioned that she had also invited K to meet us for lunch too!

Things sound almost like they haven’t much changed in the last 6 years since I had to leave work in terms what everyone’s doing with relationships, life and work. Everyone’s moved on to bigger and better things (so to speak), but on the whole, everyone seems to be doing about the same, which is kind of nice.

Lunch was pretty tasty, I had a donair for lunch that came with a little greek salad, some really buttery rice and small cup of hummus. I’m surprised I ate as much of the donair as I did. I had lettuce, tomatoes, hot peppers, onions, garlic sauce and hot sauce in my beef & lamb donair. I wanted to eat a lot more of the salad, but I was just far too full after eating the donair. The rice was pretty tasty too. Who knew I liked buttered rice so much??

After lunch we wandered around the market so everyone could do a little bit of shopping at all the stalls. I picked up some hot cross buns for The Hubbs since that’s one of his favourite treats around Easter. I should really make some again. I haven’t done hot cross buns in years. I have plans on making a couple of braided cardamom loaves again for MIL & The Hubbs’ sister for Easter, but beyond that I hadn’t thought much about hot cross buns until just this moment and while I was walking around the bakery stall with K this afternoon.

Once everyone picked up their groceries, we made our all important stop at M for Macaron along with coffee and water (for me). Is it a bad thing that I may be developing a macaron addiction? I bought another half dozen assorted macarons because I can’t decide on just one flavour. There are so many wonderful options available! I have to say though, I have come to the conclusion that I definitely prefer the fruit-flavoured macarons as opposed to… I dunno how to describe them… “confectioned-macarons”? Meaning, last week’s oreo flavour, the salty caramel, red velvet, turkish delight, frangelica, etc… I have to admit though, the London Fog did tempt me, and the girls said that it was quite fantastic, but I just wasn’t quite willing to risk the sugar bomb that I experienced with last weekend’s selections. I really do prefer the fruits right now.

This week’s haul: Lemon Squeeze, Bakd Grapefruit, Dark Chocolate & Cherry, Keylime & Coconut, Black Currant and Dark Chocolate, and pistachio. The black currant was just as lovely as the cherry flavour. The dark chocolate centres are just the perfect sweetness against the tangy cherry and currant flavours. Yum yum yum.

It was a really nice afternoon. I’m glad I went. It was such a nice afternoon that we’ve all agreed to do it again in 2 weeks time. I guess I know what my new treat of the week is going to be, and perhaps I will order indian for lunch, too ^_^


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