Point & Click Adventure PC Games.

A couple of nights ago, I had a great conversation with PT about a bunch of different things and eventually the topic of old PC video games came up — specifically, point & click adventure games. I LOVE adventure games. I’ve almost altogether stopped playing video games in the last few years because there isn’t really much of a market out there anymore of this genre. I am not the target audience for most video games, PC-based or console, and so I find games to be rather boring. Yes, I’ve been playing WoW for the last few years, but it’s just not the same and with the most recent expansion, I’ve altogether stopped playing because I don’t much care for it. I like watching The Hubbs play stuff on the PS3 now and then, but after awhile I really just want to immerse myself in an imaginary world for a few hours, on my own or with someone keeping me company (two brains are always better than one in adventure games).

Currently, I’m stuck in King’s Quest. Yea, KING’S QUEST. One of the most popular game series that made adventure gaming what it is. A few months ago Baby Bro emailed saying that there were rumours of the King’s Quest series being resurrected to match the feel of the later point & click gamesbut still staying within the original VGA graphics and soundblaster soundtracks – – updated graphics, sound, music, some new puzzles, etc. I didn’t find out until a couple nights ago that AGD Interactive has done it and they did a phenomenal job of bringing back the first three King’s Quest games. They’ve also redone Quest for Glory II and have released two of their own brand new games in the traditional adventure genre.

Since that conversation, I’ve noticed in the last couple of days, and this could just be because I’ve actually been LOOKING at different websites, there seem to be more point & click adventure games coming out lately… which is awesome! I am a huge fan of adventure games ^_^ Especially when they have ridiculous amounts of humour and silliness. The most recent adventure games that I’ve dabbled with over the last few years is the Runaway Series. The art is wonderfully colourful, the humour is hilarious, voice acting awesome, storyline and puzzles are fantastic, and the soundtrack really catchy! I’ve been keeping my eye on one particular title that has finally been released and been tempted to buy called Grey Matter. It was done by the same lady that had a hand in the original Gabriel Knight Series, (the third one, I think…) but it looks kind of dark & scary. I don’t do scary well. Not at all in fact. This is probably why I don’t play mystery games :P

Anyhow. I’m stuck. Like, stuck-stuck on KQI. With the original version of the game, it was text based, so you just typed in commands like “jump, take [object], use [object] with [object], etc etc etc”. With the new rebooted version, everything’s been changed to point & click and so you can’t just type in your commands. With the point and click, while a very awesome advancement in gaming, it has made it so you can’t just do things on your first attempt. You actually have to time things so that your action coincides with what you want done. In this case, I have to be in the perfect spot and time my click exactly so that I can grab the condor so it will fly and take me off to some other lands… the problem is that Graham jumps like 2mm and can’t grab the damn condor. I don’t know if it’s because I am in the wrong location or I’m not timing it to the perfect millisecond or what!

F.R.U.S.T.R.A.T.I.N.G! So I have abandoned KQ 1 for my absolutely favourite game of all time (and THE first video game I ever played on the computer, which is probably more so the reason why I love it) King’s Quest III.

So yea… that’s what I’ve been doing for the last couple of days. I think I might look into that Adventure Shop website in a little more detail to see what kind of games they’re selling that might be my cup of tea ^_^ I’m feeling extremely pleased about the discovery!

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