Cat’s out of the bag

So we got some news this week. The wonderful Miss R called Thursday night and told us the good news — they’re pregnant! After six years of trying and the last year or so altogether coming to terms with the fact that it was not meant to be for them, they are expecting a little peanut in October.

To top things off, yesterday after a phone call to D & K to check to see that they were alright, they told us yesterday that they too are expecting and are due in September after having tried unsuccessfully for the last few years or so.

I’m… alright. Kina sad. But you have no idea how exceedingly thrilled I am about everyone. When R called on Thursday, I was squeeing like an idiot, but was kind of worried more about how K would react to the news more so than myself. Thinking about it in hindsight, I think the four of them had already talked and knew about each others’ news, but R couldn’t tell us about D&K because was their news to share.

To be honest I was kind of giddy for a few days after R called and was kind of giggling to myself about Saturday when she couldn’t remember anyone’s names. I couldn’t say anything about her baby-brain, but I was laughing a bit because it reminded me of my horrible chemo brain. So there’s a thought for you – if you ever want to relate to what a chemo patient experiences, get pregnant… ;)

As for D&K – totally immensely thrilled too…ridiculously thrilled. And considering they went through the IVF and fertility stuff and the IVF took on the first try, fab. But I think I kind of crashed from R’s news and D’s kind of just made it a harder evening, yesterday. I still squeed like an idiot and was insanely happy for them (we talked for about an hour on the phone) but by the time I went to bed, everything hit me hard.

I am totally okay with talking about the two new… hrmmm… babies need nick names ;) hehehe… Anyways, I’m totally okay with talking about the babies, I’m just… on the outside looking in and always will be.


On a completely unrelated note – we went and drove around Skyview Ranch again yesterday to look at showhomes. There’s a showsuite for sale by Jayman. It’s $350 and quite lovely. A cute little starter home (yea, f*ck. Starter homes start at $350??) bungalow that we both really, really liked with a developed basement, upgraded interior, blah blah blah. The biggest deterrent is it’s still close to the gas plant. Not that, THAT would have changed in the last year since we’d looked last. It’s not like Skyview Ranch can just up and move helter skelter ;) But other than that.. after everyone’s news and things being the way they’ve been for the last few months, The Hubbs is kind of in the mindset of thinking “Screw it, let’s just throw caution to the wind and do it.”

Hrmmm… and it would appear that I’ve stumbled upon Beattie’s current showsuite bungalow is also for sale… for $340. Looks like we’re going to be paying them a visit again. The Hubbs can’t remember what this showhome looks like.

So yea, we ~may~ be considering starting somewhere fresh in the near-ish future. Everyone’s news has kind of put us both in a place where we’d rather not be mentally and this house, as much as we love it dearly, was originally bought for the purpose of being our forever home with children… It may be time for us to do our downsizing sooner, rather than later – before something bad happens with my lungs and my capacity to do things.



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