Creamed Spinach

I did it!

I’ve finally made a creamed spinach recipe that I ~like~! This is absolutely fantastic! :D

Last night I made a pan-fried steak, creamed spinach and rice for dindin.

I have come to the shocking realisation that our bison stash has now made us forever spoiled. I made an “everyday storebought steak” for dindin and it just tasted wrong. The beef just didn’t taste good or taste of anything at all… I think this might mean I need to buy “happy cow beef” from now on and in the future. The mind is boggled.

But back to my spinach.. yum. It’s a decently flavoured creamed spinach recipe! SO THRILLED!! Of course, I just wanted to eat the stuff straight out of the pot with a fork and forget about dindin altogether last night (and in hindsight, it probably would have been the better choice, too, sadly enough.)

Recipe is not all that much different than the couple I’ve made in the past, but instead of making a wheat flour-roux, I made it this time using rice flour. I can’t imagine that the rice flour made ~that~ much of a difference in flavour… could it? The only thing I want to mention that might be a little out of the ordinary is in regards to my frozen spinach. I don’t know how most people buy their spinach, but the store where we buy ours no longer comes in a solid frozen block. Ours comes in a little bag and inside are these little frozen spinach cubes. The spinach defrosts a lot more easily this way when you’re tossing them into a recipe completely frozen. So just keep that note in mind if your spinach happens to be of the traditional block form — you may want to consider completely defrosting yours for this recipe.

Anyhow, I was thrilled with the results this time and will definitely be using the rice flour again in the future — perhaps using different/more cheese, but otherwise, this will be my base recipe.

Creamed Spinach
1 package frozen spinach
1/2 onion, chopped
4 cloves garlic, chopped
2 Tbsp butter
2 Tbsp sweet rice flour
1/2 cup milk, hot
1/4 tsp nutmeg
parmesan cheese, to taste
1 tsp soysauce (or tamari for gluten free!)
salt, pepper

In a small pot, melt butter and fry onions gently over medium heat.
Add garlic and fry until fragrant.
Stir in flour and cook for 2-3 minutes until bubbly, stirring constantly.
Pour in hot milk and stir until sauce thickens.
Add in frozen spinach, stirring occassionally until everything is heated through.
Stir in cheese until combined and season spinach with nutmeg, soysauce + salt & pepper to taste.
Serve warm!


2 thoughts on “Creamed Spinach

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      OH HAI!
      When did you make the switch to Blogspot?? How do you like it?
      I am still trying to figure out WordPress and am kind of worried/thinking that I got in over my head in terms of ease of use o_O;;;;
      Can you import your journal to Blogspot or did you have to start from scratch?

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