Stuff I am making this week

I think I may have gotten a little over my head again. This seems somewhat reminiscent of Christmas & New Year’s for some reason, but whatever.

The plan for the week was this:
Ham on Tuesday
Fajitas on Wednesday
Haggis on Thursday
Easter Baking on Friday
Deal with Leftovers for the rest of the (long) weekend

The new plan is now this:
Crash & burn on Tuesday
Ham on Wednesday
Haggis on Thursday
Easter Baking on Friday… maybe(??)
Eat the rest of the (long) weekend and maybe make fajitas if we run out.

Today I’ve already made Elsie’s Potatoes for tomorrow’s haggis dindin with Mom & Dad. I set some aside for The Hubbs & I to have with ham that I am going to boil in gingerale tonight. My god, these are the best mashed potatoes in the world, in my opinion. I was nom’ing on spoonfuls from the pot as I was divvying stuff out into serving dishes.

Currently, I have turnips on the stove boiling which are going to be mashed with some butter, salt & pepper, which are again, for tomorrow’s dindin.

All that’s left to do for dindin tonight is boil the ham in gingerale, which I am hoping will extract some excess salt in the process and then tomorrow I just have to make are the maple-thyme roast parsnips that my parents seem to be particularly fond of and steam the haggis. I am actually rather impressed at all the prep and clean-up work I’ve done today considering my current state of affairs — that which would be feeling rather exhausted.

As for me and my rather tired state — I just had a really tasty wrap for a bit of lunch, here. I don’t really like the concept of wraps, they’re not particularly tasty to me, but I bought some flour tortillas yesterday with the express purpose of using them for the fajitas, which I am obviously not making today, afterall. So I lined my little whole wheat flour tortilla with a leaf of romaine lettuce, a small cocktail tomato which I sucked its innards out before slicing, half an avocado, sliced and a blob of tzatziki sauce. That was a really tasty little nibble, if I do say so myself. Most people wouldn’t consider that one wrap I ate as a complete meal, but it was pretty darn filling for me.

Just so I don’t leave everyone hanging with the thought of the wonderful mashed potatoes, here’s the recipe, which comes from The Best of Bridge Vol.1 (pg. 173). As for the mashed turnips… wow. I’ve never made them before either and they’re really tasty and redonkulously easy o_O No measurements on the second recipe simply because it was that easy.

Elsie’s Potatoes

2 lbs. baby potatoes
1/2 container/block cream cheese
1/2 cup sour cream
1 tsp. onion salt
salt & pepper, to taste
1 Tbsp. butter

Cook and mash potatoes.
Add all ingredients, except butter, and combine.
Put into large greased casserole and dot with butter.
Bake, covered, at 350F (180C) for 30 minutes.
If making ahead, cover and refrigerate or freeze, and thaw before baking.

Mashed Turnips
Turnips, peeled and cut into chunks
salt & pepper

Put turnips in a pan of cold water and cook until tender, about 20 minutes.
Drain turnips and return to pan.
Mash lightly before adding butter, salt & pepper.
Continue mashing turnips until desired consistency is reached and serve.


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