I completely destroyed my voice yesterday!

Yesterday afternoon I aspirated into my lungs during my nap. The stomach acids went into my lungs, all the way up my nose and completely destroyed my voice… it’s rather embarrassing, to be honest.

It was so painful – my throat burned, my chest hurt, my nose was horribly owie and even my ears were in pain. Today my voice is totally shot. I just spoke to The Hubbs on the phone and I can’t raise my voice at all, plus it’s all hoarse and weird sounding. Last night my chest was scary-wheezy sounding when I breathed and didn’t go away with two puffs of my inhaler (not that I expected it to).


Stupid body.


2 thoughts on “:/

  1. Trev

    Hey at least you have a good reason for your voice/lungs to sound off. My sinuses have done something where my voice is pretty well shot. As for the lungs… I get the wheezy cough and when I close my eyes I can see the veins in my eyes light up.

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