Stupid, duh, moment.

So, you know how chefs are always saying that using fresh herbs is the best? It tastes better and all that jazz? Yea, it’s true. I just stripped my aerogarden of a handful of basil, some thyme and oregano to toss into a spaghetti sauce made with ground bison. The difference is rather mind-blowing to me.

I’ve generally not bothered to buy those little plastic containers of fresh herbs at the grocery store because I don’t wanna pay three bux for a few leaves of herbage. Although, I will admit that I have bought the mixed poultry packets a few times when making roast chicken, but then I’ve also picked out individual herbs from the packet and used them for multiple recipes on top of the roast chicken.

ANYHOW. Yea. Fresh herbs? Awesome in spaghetti sauce :D


I’m still boggled.


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